How does video enhance the user experience on a webpage?

From news portals to commercial websites or personal blogs, video clips shaped a new yet more ⌈convenient way to absorb information for their users. Today, not only we can effortlessly understand complex concepts but also can feel the feelings that together conveyed with the content.


Video clips prove its awesome benefits for commercial web pages, such as serviced sites and product introduction pages. It’s never easier for the customers to understand the services’ usage via video tutorials or getting the glimpses how amazing a new product could be with creatively trailers. Unlike photo tutorials which middle sub-steps could be accidentally confused, video clips show exactly how a process should be done. As a self-taught photographer and painter, I’ve learned so much via video clips on pro artists’ websites. With the demonstrated footages and the tips, the learning process is simple and clean. Complicated ideas are also very easy to be communicated, especially for non-English speakers who language could be an obstacle.

 — Now, if you’re a girl, what would be easier for you to follow a make-up tutorial: a video or photo-based guide? ♥ —

The era of the wall of text for describing new features or the strengths of a new product was long gone with the emerging of multimedia content. In our busy modern days, it would be much more convenient if useful information can be understood in a short time. Caught this new trends, many companies, especially video game publishers have written little and put many efforts in flashy demonstrations. I cannot imagine which could be more mesmerized than a well-crafted in-game footage.

A TED-Ed video that I found incredibly interesting. The clip is effortless and fun to get the information in a brief time.

An as a fanfiction author and a netizen, I noticed that embedded music video plays an important role in enhancing or creating readers’ emotions while reading certain chapters. It helps them to feel the feelings that intended to convey. This benefit works so well for other types of contents, such as traveling clips, introducing new aesthetic products, a teaser for a singer’s new album, and almost anything else. We would be on the emotional rollercoaster with the clips’ content. The right video music clips work much more effective than just image and words.

Last but not least, video clips are superly benefited for education. With the soaring of video clips, online courses have been becoming a new trend for people all over the world who do not have chances and resources to approach direct classes at schools or studying abroad. Learning foreign language is a great example of this advantage, I wonder what could be more convenient than video clips that teach foreigners to pronounce correctly a word. I myself also got great benefit from many IELTS website while studying for the test two years ago. Thank God, I got an amazing result on that particular exam.

Video clips seem to be the finest form of giving information because they ‹ satisfied our two most important senses, visual and auditory at the same time ›. And so they make both our virtual and real life become so much easier.

Now, enjoy the music I listened to compose this blog post for Matinée Multilingual” Contest 😀


Metal Gear Solid, the 1st novel

I am not a Metal Gear Solid (MGS) fan. Thanks to my brother’s passion for the game, my knowledge was expanded to the identities of the Twin Snakes, Otacon, Ocelot, and especially the one and only handsome Raiden. That’s all! Don’t ask me for more! Raiden is my only interest. But then, when my eyes caught the title MGS among the pile of worn-out books at an old bookstore in Thailand, the book was brought home without hesitation. Well, one day, my bookshelves will be filled by video game adaption novels – my other precious collection beside BJDs and tea. Anyway, that’s how I stumbled into this unexpected novel.

metal gear solid, mgs, solid snake, liquid snake, otacon, revolver ocelot,  solidus snake, big boss

Even though the book will serve as a part of my collection, I never buy a book just for its cover. Somehow it would be a crime to the author in my way of thinking, wouldn’t it? And beyond my expectation, the good is really really good.

The readers don’t need to be a fan to understand the first part of this complicated franchise. In the very first chapter, we were introduced to the Les Enfants Terribles project, in which our hero Solid Snake and his future nemesis Liquid Snake were cloned from their father’s gene, the legendary soldier Big Boss. The story began 30 years later, after the Outer Heaven incident when our already-retired Solid Snake was dragged back to a secret mission at Shadow Moses Island to rescue the world, which adapted closely to the game itself. Sound typical, right? It is! This first novel doesn’t have many things to say but mainly as a guide to the complex world of political schemes, which would be opened tremendously in later games. In this book, we would follow Solid Snake in his dangerous mission against Liquid Snake and witness his amazingness along the way.

As other video game adaption novels, MGS was very well written: very tidy, neat, and well organized. The sentences were smooth and easier to read than other novels that I’ve read. Though without complex sentences as well as difficult words, every scene was still vividly described, very entertained, and very engaged. Only through words, the readers could effortlessly vision Snake’s amazing military skills as if a movie we’re watching. Additionally, all chapters were short which I personally more comfortable. Whenever I started to read, I always tried to stop at the end of the current chapter but usually went on at least three more before the night was getting too late.

: Laughing Octopus, Psycho Mantis, Revolver Ocelot, Liquid Snake, Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven, metal gear solid, mgs

From left to right: Laughing Octopus, Psycho Mantis, Revolver Ocelot, Liquid Snake, Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven.

Prior to this book, I haven’t ever developed any affection for Solid Snake due to my lack of understanding about his personality and the storyline at a whole. Never before Snake appeared to me with such attractive demeanors: witty, talented, collected, and humorous. Other characters were also fabulously built with cool nicknames and fantastic abilities, like Laughing Octopus, Gray Fox, Spycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven. Some of their skills seem to be unreal, but they perfectly reflected the creative insanity of Hideo Kojima (of why we love this game).

Last but not least, though as simple as a dull action movie, the novel still sharply conveyed the idea of it’s us who decide our life, not by God or the genes we’re carrying within. We are what we want to be.

I would definitely buy the other two novels when I get back to Canada.


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The summer will soon depart to welcome autumn back in. To many people, autumn presents the most romantic time of the year, especially in Canada, where we would be easily mesmerized by the gorgeous red-orange shade of maple leaves. I was not an exception.

However, when homesick kicked in, I started to disregard that absolute beauty and missed the petrichor of my homeland. Though the rains wet everything, the warmth of love and the physical presence of my beloveds would compensate for any discomfort. Many times I asked myself, why did I choose to go there? Though my mind knows it well, heart still needs more than just willpower to accept.

Many times when sadness overwhelmed, I simply buried my face in my palms and cried my heart out, then again gathered up for the battles ahead.

Now just the thought of separation while I’m still sitting in my room brings tears up my eyes and shatters my heart. I don’t wanna go anymore, but the train can’t run backward.


[cre: Dreaming Way Lenormand]

Cre: Dreaming Way Lenormand by Kwan Shina

Fortunately, when things fall apart, “awakeness is found” as the Tibetan Buddhist Nun and Teacher Pema Chödrön advises in a difficult time. The farther I am from my family geographically, the more I love and cherish every moment I have with them. Going out to the world rewards back a lot of precious experiences and knowledge but also take our time with family as a toll. How sad this life is but it also pulls us back to our home stronger than ever. The lonelier I feel, the more determined I am to perfect my education, and then come back home.

Love is the beacon that guides us back home. – from TV series Strain Season 1, Ep 1, 2014.

One perfect morning

teacup, morning tea, black tea, teaAbsolutely a night owl I am, a cosy morning being all alone, surrounded by only the warm golden sunlight, faintly chilling music, and something so dear like brushes, colour, and papers was still beyond the bliss. Such perfect mornings I had during the first semester break in Canada when all of my housemates had returned home and left me alone in our small townhouse was the best time of my whole busy year!

Every morning, I woke up at 7:00, had a simple breakfast then prepared a nice cup of my favourite tea flavour, which usually the gentle white tea. Sunlight didn’t come directly in my small kitchen till noon (due to the position of the windows) but the room was still brightened up beautifully and enough to levitated my mood up the white clouds above.

On the table, I relaxingly set my watercolour cake set, three water brushes, drawing notebook, and an elegant teacup. There would be no phone, no laptop on my sight. All was ready for a morning to be completely self-indulged by art and serenity. That was my own little peaceful cocoon amid the cacophony of outside world.

The bliss of being able to be alone but not lonely.

Thailand Trip 2017: Toy Expo [1]

Thailand Toy Expo was held in Bangkok from 4 – 7 May 2017. Since our trip was very spontaneous, fortune smiled at us for being there on time. Honestly speaking, I felt so much better inside such a nerdy place more than on the street. The feeling is like at home with many amazing brethren surround ^^

Please do not take the word “Toy” as playing things for kids. Toy Expo focused on anime action figures, Nendoroids, and especially original figures sculpted by Thai artists.


@Thailand Toy Expo 2017 Banner

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Canadian Autumn

Autumn here…

Good news that senses are coming back to me after three struggling months with a new environment, new cultures, new schedules while staying in a strange land all alone.

So weird that since been here, my photos’ colors seem to be kept as they are which very different from my old interest of playing with fantasy scheme. Is it because the scenes are already beautiful enough with brilliant natural shades? I’m not sure but one thing is confirmed, my photos look clearer in compared to my previous pictures.

However, poor Kami won’t have new clothes in near future due to the fact that DolkUS needs one to three months to complete a make-order deal 😦

Good news!

I won DolkUS’s Halloween Photo contest at the Third Place with Valar’s old photo! YAY!