Do not touch my doll!

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Do you love outdoor shooting? I do. I really do.

The concern of strong light exposure seldom cannot prevent me from getting my boys and girls out of my room for some beautiful photos. Nothing can compare to natural light in photography in my opinion. However, since I only brought out tiny ones, no annoyed issue occurred during my previous shooting sections. Until recently…

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Sound weird? XD

This picture is just a result of my daily whimsical state. However, while editing it, “Lover” was the only word that clung tightly to my head. Somehow, it hinted to me of how psychopathic my Flora is XD

When I posted this photo on Smart Doll group with caption “Happy Birthday to Mirai!”, Seneca commented that it’s better to hide the body well. (lol) Very psychopathic, right?

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Canadian Autumn

Autumn here…

Good news that senses are coming back to me after three struggling months with a new environment, new cultures, new schedules while staying in a strange land all alone.

So weird that since been here, my photos’ colors seem to be kept as they are which very different from my old interest of playing with fantasy scheme. Is it because the scenes are already beautiful enough with brilliant natural shades? I’m not sure but one thing is confirmed, my photos look clearer in compared to my previous pictures.

However, poor Kami won’t have new clothes in near future due to the fact that DolkUS needs one to three months to complete a make-order deal 😦

Good news!

I won DolkUS’s Halloween Photo contest at the Third Place with Valar’s old photo! YAY!