Siela in autumn

Some photos I took of her during autumn but never uploaded here .-_-.  It’s super weird that no inspiration spiked in the most beautiful season of Canada. Autumn here was marked when the whole town was covered by the beautiful orange-red maple leaves. I feel sorry for my princess but nothing I can do without being “in the right mood” :(.

Anyway, more to come for the cold and crispy season ^^

This is my Siela

2 years ago, Siela came into my life out of my wildest expectation. I always thought Angelica would be the first and the last MSD in my collection because my style is more aligned to 1/3. Moreover, a MSD with a teenaged appearance, hell no, I thought!!!

Life is a bag of surprises! In Vietnam, people said: “God will grant you the things you hate.”  And on a good day, I fell for Minifee Liria at first sight!!! Yeah!! It’s a lightning-struck kind of love, I supposed. However, since I already had more than enough BJDs, adopting a new girl would be so impulsed. So I put her in the shopping cart, then removed, then put back in, and removed and looped and looped till my exhausted finger decided to against the rational mind to push the “Pay” button. Even after that, my cognitive dissonance still tried to explain my purchase as “Okay, I buy her to sell because she’ll be very rare!” Lol.

Deep down, I know, I would keep the girl!!!

Even though the first face-up I gave her is beautiful, there’s still something missing. I couldn’t photograph any good picture for the lovely girl. At the peak of my illusion, I believed she’s against the idea of the camera, hahaha. That explains why she got just a few of awkward photos in two years long.

This summer, I decided to repaint her makeup with a whole new face-up style. All hail to the pressure of time and inspiration, the new face-up only needed one night to be completed. And ta-da, I knew immediately that this is it.

This is my Siela Sylvari!!!

Oh, my friends said the new style makes Siela as Valar’s younger version. What do you think?

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Doll Meet July 2017

Before going study abroad, doll meetings were never something important to me. Have it or not, it didn’t even matter because we could always meet whenever we felt want to, such as every weekend. No wonder I would never understand why living abroad friends looked at us so admired. Now, I do.

Only can gather once or twice a year turned these events into something very dear to me 😦 And as any others, Ylang Nguyen brought her talent to our group with many lovely photos of our precious babies.

Our other meetings:

Love is right next to you ~

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There was an autumn morning, when golden sunlight danced through my little window, my friend and I finally could start to set up the photoshoot that had been planned weeks ago but postponed several time due to my examination. Too bad, I must say. But sometimes, time would grant us the subtle space of floating amidst our imagination, enough to feel it and imbue everything enchantedly inside our heart.

Fox à, thank you so much for having a great time with me. Without you, there’d be nothing!!!