A hypocritical M author!

Though my friend wrote about this issue long time ago, this is the first time I feel the urge to express my own thought about intimacy in fanfictions on internet as I am also an amateur author. That in my opinion, youngsters today reach this kind of content too soon in a very wrong way, and it is not a healthy trend for their undeveloped mind indeed.



Getting knowledge about intimacy is good but must be with proper methods and accurate information. While these information should be conveyed from their parents or schools, but without a doubt they were from porn movies or some sexual stories on internet. At least in two latest months I’ve acted as one of the administrators on our mutual blog about HyunSeung and HyunA, I saw 3 comments which expressed that they’re familiar with hot scenes in fanfictions long time ago, convinced me that I should not worry about that. They’re just 14 years old! In many NC-17/M fanfictions I read on Wattpat, all I can see are dirty portraits and surely lacking of real emotions. Some of these authors are still in teenage range, hence they composed many rated M stories for their teenage friends… What the hell is happening here, really? This kind of false information can build many negative concepts in their young mind that as far as I concern, will destroy the true meaning of intimacy and somehow lead them to wrong path for their own life.

However, they are not aware of some major awaiting risks, happily jump into the pitfall, let their own naive desires lead the way, dance in the dark shadow as if it was beautiful sunlight. With untrue information that was filled in many fanfictions, youngsters may view intimacy as a nice way to show their love, regardless the consequences, such as pregnant and abortion. Beside that, with easy come and easy go, these young teens can easily skip the true meaning of matching, view it as a natural need, not the sacred moment between two soulmates.

Overall, personally saying, intimacy is something natural for normal people but it is an act of true love and must be learnt from firm sources, which fanfictions obviously not included. Though we couldn’t put the blame on authors if they already did everything in their limit to prevent younger readers, just like we couldn’t blame the cigarette manufacture. I still hope that youngsters can have a safe environment to learn about sex and love.


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