[Warcraft novel] Illidan

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Though deeply in love with the amazingly beautiful world of Tyria, from the magical The Grove to the desolated Malchor’s Leap, I must admit that Guild Wars’ story still falls too far behind what Warcraft had made since the beginning. Unlike Guild Wars’ typical holy wars against pure evils, the ancient Dragons, Warcraft put its readers and players under the umbrella of complex feelings and thoughts toward the meaning of fighting and of justice. The have-just-finished “Illidan” again pushed me over the swirls of fragmented thoughts about how easily we are blinded by our own perspectives. Thus, defend our mind from taking things from seeing the truth by weaving the whole story from different aspects.

Whether a fan or non-fan of Warcraft series, as long as a hardcore gamer, I would doubt any person not has heard of the name of Illidan, one of the greatest villain in this appealingly composing universe. He, a golden-eyed born, a magnificent young night elf who was predicted to be great, chose to become The Betrayer during the First War opposing the Burning Legion. However, behind misunderstanding veils, he’s indeed a noble hero.

warcraft, demon hunter, world of warcraft, illidan stormrage


Honestly speaking, I am not much disturbed by any of Maiev Shadowsong’s blind faith, Akama’s narrow vision and petty faith, or even “our” enthusiastic raid to the Black Temple but how extremely Illidan composes his grand scheme. Is there any other possible path to take, a path that would not set his image as a demon? Suddenly, he reminds me of Emperor Qin in Zhang Zi Mou’s masterpiece “Hero”, in which peace could only be traded with violence, and only true wisdom would see through the cacophony of weapons’ clashes. Though understand that no ear would hold still a moment to truly listen to him, of why he had done like that, but as an idealist, something within my soul gently stirred. The ostracism must he face, it took me a week to dilute that uneasy feeling since the final page was finished.

I admire how Blizzard composed the whole plot that very successfully drove their fans to storm back in the game and fervently chose to become Demon Hunters. Not only because of their cool appearance but the noble feeling while we are welding warglaives with rune bandage covers our once fleshy vision. The novel did a perfect job to give its fan a very clear view of how Demon Hunters were born, how they felt, and what they’re fighting for. Although the first part of the novel seems to be not interested, the later the better. In the end, we would mourn for the fall of a great yet misunderstood hero – Illidan.

A book I recommend for fans only.



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