Special days!!! Why so serious?

Holidays or Special Events like Women Day, Valentine, New Year…. what’s different with other days? I see NONE!!!

We can do the same thing in any day of the year. That’s my motto to deal with my life since  with me, I can care for my beloveds in every fucking day of the year, give them presents, tell them I love them a lot… Honestly, why do we have to wait to do such things in some so-called Special days? People told me that special days are special, but why special? Is that the day you were born or the day you lost somebody dear? In fact, things you wanna do in that day can be done in any others. I can eat birthday cake whenever you want or keep someone’s image in your heart every single minute of your life? Okay, you will protest that, so, is there no special day for me?



– I’d rather to look after for my loved ones little by little persistently and constantly than only show my affection in “special days”.

– I’d rather to be treat as I am a unique one by someone special to me, not with big present only in “special days” but by their true love with sophisticated acts every fucking day.

– I’d rather enjoy my live in a peaceful and warm love than having a burning and passionate relationship that may die as quickly as i was born.

Time does not waiting for anyone or anything. And because of it, I don’t find any reason to wait for the “right time” to make it happened. It was not a strategical things to be handle with. Love is about heart and how much you wanna let them know. What the fuck? These things are not related indeed!!!


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