Fanfiction – My fav snack

I love fanfic ~

Some people who knew me in person might ask : “Huh? You’re not that shallow!”

I would answer: “Huh? Why not?”

I love fan fictions, even though there are a few good written stories on AFF or Wattpad and forums, I still sometimes enjoy bad written ones due to their funny plot. Yes, storyline is the main reason I love about fanfic, especially when I shipped 2 real people instead of some fictional characters like I did 3 years ago. With a wild mind that full of crazy imagination, everything can happen in a fanfic, and of course, to be satisfied, readers must choose the right couple or characters they wanna read about. Your favourite idols may be only good friends in reality but in fanfic, they could be a passionate lovers, what would be better for your taste like that? To me, that is snack for my reading hobby, there is time I need to separate myself from those heavy and fucking serious books. Beside, this kind of food is good for my frigid soul anyway. We all need some pinky notes to wash away cruel life and let our beautiful thoughts wander around as they please with our beloved characters. Somehow I find out, many fan fictions are as good as the original and if those ones relate to real people, a whole new level of contentedness might be set, as I always enjoy fiction about TroubleMaker, hahaha.

troublemaker, hyuna, hyunseung, 2hyun

Cr: Tumblr

However, as when I started my own story recently, I have to avoid bad written fictions for my own good. I wonder if I ever told you about my learning technique, maybe not yet, huh? I have always learnt everything through my eyes unconsciously and keep reading something constantly, I will be effected for sure. That’s why I can’t read ugly written fics because I wanna compose a good story myself.

Anyway, this is just my blah blah… I wanna show you my own fanfic but you know, that’s M-story so, if you love 2hyun [HyunSeung and HyunA] in Trouble Maker and you are over 18, you can check it out here. Well, too shy :”>


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