My Goddess

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It’s been over a year since my last photo for my goddess. Though intended to pack her and Vince to Canada with me, I was left no choice but saying goodbye for our own good. It turned out a wise decision because I did have problems with baggage’s weight at Toronto Airport. It’s lucky that they’re not there, if yes I would be panic for not knowing what to do.

After arriving at the school dorm, I wanted to have them sent to me via mail but due to my constant worries for their safety, again, I chose not to. That’s how we’re away in nine months long.

Anyway, we’re together now and Valar finally got my attention after a very busy month since I’m home.

This spontaneous photo served only for showing her absolute beauty with the eyes that lent from my younger sister. While was still in Canada, I was about to buy a pair of white eyes from Oscar-doll for Valar but hesitated because it’s so hard to know whether they’re for her or not. Oscar’s eyes, though very sophisticated and fantasy-feeling, usually make the dolls look so lifeless. I guess only elves in World of Warcraft can possess those eyes and still appear heavenly. Anyway, now I knew my goddess looks best with celestial shades.

Moving around three countries in 3 years costs me a lot of precious time that should be spent with them…. though, I cannot help 😥

Do not touch my doll!

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Do you love outdoor shooting? I do. I really do.

The concern of strong light exposure seldom cannot prevent me from getting my boys and girls out of my room for some beautiful photos. Nothing can compare to natural light in photography in my opinion. However, since I only brought out tiny ones, no annoyed issue occurred during my previous shooting sections. Until recently…

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[Warcraft novel] Illidan

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Though deeply in love with the amazingly beautiful world of Tyria, from the magical The Grove to the desolated Malchor’s Leap, I must admit that Guild Wars’ story still falls too far behind what Warcraft had made since the beginning. Unlike Guild Wars’ typical holy wars against pure evils, the ancient Dragons, Warcraft put its readers and players under the umbrella of complex feelings and thoughts toward the meaning of fighting and of justice. The have-just-finished “Illidan” again pushed me over the swirls of fragmented thoughts about how easily we are blinded by our own perspectives. Thus, defend our mind from taking things from seeing the truth by weaving the whole story from different aspects.

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Nhận Face-up ở VN nha ^^

Chào mọi người,

Bunny hiện đang nghỉ hè ở VN nên tiếp tục nhận face-up.

Số lượng nhận: còn 5 doll heads (mình chỉ ở hết hè nên chỉ dùng số MSC còn tồn :'()

Chi phí dành cho các bạn VN vẫn là giá cũ ^^:

  • SD và DolleDream: 910,000 đồng
  • MSD và Tiny: 680,000 đồng
  • Chùi Face-up cũ: 114,000 đồng
  • Mi: 114,000 đồng (số lượng có hạn)

Liên hệ email: để trao đổi thông tin nhé các bạn.

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Dollfie Dream Snow Miku

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Fairyland Feeple60 Cygne Vampire Head

ball jointed doll, balljointeddoll, bjd, bjd doll, faceup, face-up, bjd face-up, bjd faceup, face-up commission, faceup commission, fairyland feeple65 chloe, natural faceup, natural face-up

Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe, face-up kiểu da thật nhé

Valkyrie Gate: dolls & exotic collection

Visiting any doll store was not in our traveling plan from the beginning but since we’re at Chatuchak Weekend Market, it’d be a big regret if we didn’t stop by Valkyrie Gate, one of the biggest doll shop in Bangkok, Thailand.

First and also the most important thing I wanna note for anyone who has the intention to be there was, the shop is in Chatuchak Plaza, not in JJ Mall. Based on the Google Map, false guides from local people, and especially imprinted by the word “plaza”, Bunny carried me up and down three floors of the mall to search for the shop but in vain. Chatuchak Plaza is the market itself, next to the Weekend Market, not the kind of luxurious shopping mall we imagine for the word “plaza”.

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Thailand Trip 2017: Toy Expo [1]

Thailand Toy Expo was held in Bangkok from 4 – 7 May 2017. Since our trip was very spontaneous, fortune smiled at us for being there on time. Honestly speaking, I felt so much better inside such a nerdy place more than on the street. The feeling is like at home with many amazing brethren surround ^^

Please do not take the word “Toy” as playing things for kids. Toy Expo focused on anime action figures, Nendoroids, and especially original figures sculpted by Thai artists.


@Thailand Toy Expo 2017 Banner

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Sound weird? XD

This picture is just a result of my daily whimsical state. However, while editing it, “Lover” was the only word that clung tightly to my head. Somehow, it hinted to me of how psychopathic my Flora is XD

When I posted this photo on Smart Doll group with caption “Happy Birthday to Mirai!”, Seneca commented that it’s better to hide the body well. (lol) Very psychopathic, right?

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