The summer will soon depart to welcome autumn back in. To many people, autumn presents the most romantic time of the year, especially in Canada, where we would be easily mesmerized by the gorgeous red-orange shade of maple leaves. I was not an exception.

However, when homesick kicked in, I started to disregard that absolute beauty and missed the petrichor of my homeland. Though the rains wet everything, the warmth of love and the physical presence of my beloveds would compensate for any discomfort. Many times I asked myself, why did I choose to go there? Though my mind knows it well, heart still needs more than just willpower to accept.

Many times when sadness overwhelmed, I simply buried my face in my palms and cried my heart out, then again gathered up for the battles ahead.

Now just the thought of separation while I’m still sitting in my room brings tears up my eyes and shatters my heart. I don’t wanna go anymore, but the train can’t run backward.


[cre: Dreaming Way Lenormand]

Cre: Dreaming Way Lenormand by Kwan Shina

Fortunately, when things fall apart, “awakeness is found” as the Tibetan Buddhist Nun and Teacher Pema Chödrön advises in a difficult time. The farther I am from my family geographically, the more I love and cherish every moment I have with them. Going out to the world rewards back a lot of precious experiences and knowledge but also take our time with family as a toll. How sad this life is but it also pulls us back to our home stronger than ever. The lonelier I feel, the more determined I am to perfect my education, and then come back home.

Love is the beacon that guides us back home. – from TV series Strain Season 1, Ep 1, 2014.

Doll Meet July 2017

Before going study abroad, doll meetings were never something important to me. Have it or not, it didn’t even matter because we could always meet whenever we felt want to, such as every weekend. No wonder I would never understand why living abroad friends looked at us so admired. Now, I do.

Only can gather once or twice a year turned these events into something very dear to me 😦 And as any others, Ylang Nguyen brought her talent to our group with many lovely photos of our precious babies.

Our other meetings:

How to fit Minifee Moe head with Fairy Line body?

Yesterday, in our first doll meet after a year since the last one, my friend and I swapped our Minifee girls’ bodies. She got my Moe body while I had the Fairy line which I always wish to have. I really appreciate my friend for not minding the faded color of my Moe body. My Siela has been with me in 3 years. Even though she’s well protected from sunlight, pet, and other harmful factors, I couldn’t prevent the fading process of the pinkish tone of her skin .-_-.

I will not waste our time with differences between two bodies because other people already did. You can watch the Introduction of Fairy Line body video HERE for more other details.

In this post, I’ll only show how I fixed the head snapping issue when we switched bodies of the head from Moe body with Fairy Line body. The problem comes from the difference of the Neck Circumferences: Fairy Line is 6.5 cm / Moe 7 cm. To secure the head from constantly snapping back,

To secure the head from constantly snapping back, I put a hot glue layer in both of her head and the neck connector like the photo below. Continue reading

One perfect morning

teacup, morning tea, black tea, teaAbsolutely a night owl I am, a cosy morning being all alone, surrounded by only the warm golden sunlight, faintly chilling music, and something so dear like brushes, colour, and papers was still beyond the bliss. Such perfect mornings I had during the first semester break in Canada when all of my housemates had returned home and left me alone in our small townhouse was the best time of my whole busy year!

Every morning, I woke up at 7:00, had a simple breakfast then prepared a nice cup of my favourite tea flavour, which usually the gentle white tea. Sunlight didn’t come directly in my small kitchen till noon (due to the position of the windows) but the room was still brightened up beautifully and enough to levitated my mood up the white clouds above.

On the table, I relaxingly set my watercolour cake set, three water brushes, drawing notebook, and an elegant teacup. There would be no phone, no laptop on my sight. All was ready for a morning to be completely self-indulged by art and serenity. That was my own little peaceful cocoon amid the cacophony of outside world.

The bliss of being able to be alone but not lonely.

Nhận Face-up ở VN nha ^^

Chào mọi người,

Đã bán hết slot Face-up. Rất cám ơn mọi người đã ủng hộ ^.^

Số lượng nhận: SOLD OUT

Chi phí dành cho các bạn VN vẫn là giá cũ ^^:

  • SD và DolleDream: 910,000 đồng
  • MSD và Tiny: 680,000 đồng
  • Chùi Face-up cũ: 114,000 đồng
  • Mi: 114,000 đồng (số lượng có hạn)

Liên hệ email: để trao đổi thông tin nhé các bạn.

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Dollfie Dream Snow Miku

balljointeddoll, ball jointed doll, bjd, bjd doll, face-up, faceup, face-up bjd, faceup bjd. faceup commission, face-up commission, fairyland bjd, feeple60 cygne

Fairyland Feeple60 Cygne Vampire Head

ball jointed doll, balljointeddoll, bjd, bjd doll, faceup, face-up, bjd face-up, bjd faceup, face-up commission, faceup commission, fairyland feeple65 chloe, natural faceup, natural face-up

Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe, face-up kiểu da thật nhé

My Goddess

balljointeddoll, ball jointed doll, bjd, bjd doll, fairyland bjd, feeple 65 chloe

It’s been over a year since my last photo for my goddess. Though intended to pack her and Vince to Canada with me, I was left no choice but saying goodbye for our own good. It turned out a wise decision because I did have problems with baggage’s weight at Toronto Airport. It’s lucky that they’re not there, if yes I would be panic for not knowing what to do.

After arriving at the school dorm, I wanted to have them sent to me via mail but due to my constant worries for their safety, again, I chose not to. That’s how we’re away in nine months long.

Anyway, we’re together now and Valar finally got my attention after a very busy month since I’m home.

This spontaneous photo served only for showing her absolute beauty with the eyes that lent from my younger sister. While was still in Canada, I was about to buy a pair of white eyes from Oscar-doll for Valar but hesitated because it’s so hard to know whether they’re for her or not. Oscar’s eyes, though very sophisticated and fantasy-feeling, usually make the dolls look so lifeless. I guess only elves in World of Warcraft can possess those eyes and still appear heavenly. Anyway, now I knew my goddess looks best with celestial shades.

Moving around three countries in 3 years costs me a lot of precious time that should be spent with them…. though, I cannot help 😥

Do not touch my doll!

mirai suenaga, smart doll, smartdoll, doll, doll photography, cute, garden

Do you love outdoor shooting? I do. I really do.

The concern of strong light exposure seldom cannot prevent me from getting my boys and girls out of my room for some beautiful photos. Nothing can compare to natural light in photography in my opinion. However, since I only brought out tiny ones, no annoyed issue occurred during my previous shooting sections. Until recently…

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