Siela in autumn

Some photos I took of her during autumn but never uploaded here .-_-.  It’s super weird that no inspiration spiked in the most beautiful season of Canada. Autumn here was marked when the whole town was covered by the beautiful orange-red maple leaves. I feel sorry for my princess but nothing I can do without being “in the right mood” :(.

Anyway, more to come for the cold and crispy season ^^

4 thoughts on “Siela in autumn

  1. Chị Bunny ơi có diễn đàn nào về bjd của VN mà mọi người hoạt động tích cực ko ạ? Em mới chơi bjd mà bối rối quá. muốn thêm kinh nghiệm mà chả tìm thấy ở chỗ nào hết :((((( em cảm ơn ạ ❤❤❤

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