This is my Siela

2 years ago, Siela came into my life out of my wildest expectation. I always thought Angelica would be the first and the last MSD in my collection because my style is more aligned to 1/3. Moreover, a MSD with a teenaged appearance, hell no, I thought!!!

Life is a bag of surprises! In Vietnam, people said: “God will grant you the things you hate.”  And on a good day, I fell for Minifee Liria at first sight!!! Yeah!! It’s a lightning-struck kind of love, I supposed. However, since I already had more than enough BJDs, adopting a new girl would be so impulsed. So I put her in the shopping cart, then removed, then put back in, and removed and looped and looped till my exhausted finger decided to against the rational mind to push the “Pay” button. Even after that, my cognitive dissonance still tried to explain my purchase as “Okay, I buy her to sell because she’ll be very rare!” Lol.

Deep down, I know, I would keep the girl!!!

Even though the first face-up I gave her is beautiful, there’s still something missing. I couldn’t photograph any good picture for the lovely girl. At the peak of my illusion, I believed she’s against the idea of the camera, hahaha. That explains why she got just a few of awkward photos in two years long.

This summer, I decided to repaint her makeup with a whole new face-up style. All hail to the pressure of time and inspiration, the new face-up only needed one night to be completed. And ta-da, I knew immediately that this is it.

This is my Siela Sylvari!!!

Oh, my friends said the new style makes Siela as Valar’s younger version. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “This is my Siela

  1. From my point of view, somehow everytime I see this girl she’s the only one in your doll crew reminding me so much of you. Especially after you changed her haircut, her faceup and a little bit in her clothes style ( I guess? Coz some first outfits you gave her are more girly, visually a stolid fairy in white in her own peaceful eden garden enjoying a bunch of ancient books?… wait, now she’s still in white though, just, there is slightly a difference here.) This cutie is starting to look more hollow and bittersweet like there are more things going on in her head than it has before, not much but sometimes it still bothers her. But after all she still looks like a pretty kid in the family who is pampered by you too much =))

    I’m a big fan of crown and cross jewelry and (of course) bob haircut so I’m just into her so much right now ( ´ ▽ ` )

    • Really? Hahaha. But may I ask what’s from her that reminds of me? I guess the lips?

      Anyway, I think the first face-up… well, she looked beautiful but that’s not her. That explains why there was not many photos I could take back then >”< She might be very angry with me, hahahaha.

      Honestly, I'm also a fan of crown and cross jewelries XD

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