How does video enhance the user experience on a webpage?

From news portals to commercial websites or personal blogs, video clips shaped a new yet more ⌈convenient way to absorb information for their users. Today, not only we can effortlessly understand complex concepts but also can feel the feelings that together conveyed with the content.


Video clips prove its awesome benefits for commercial web pages, such as serviced sites and product introduction pages. It’s never easier for the customers to understand the services’ usage via video tutorials or getting the glimpses how amazing a new product could be with creatively trailers. Unlike photo tutorials which middle sub-steps could be accidentally confused, video clips show exactly how a process should be done. As a self-taught photographer and painter, I’ve learned so much via video clips on pro artists’ websites. With the demonstrated footages and the tips, the learning process is simple and clean. Complicated ideas are also very easy to be communicated, especially for non-English speakers who language could be an obstacle.

 — Now, if you’re a girl, what would be easier for you to follow a make-up tutorial: a video or photo-based guide? ♥ —

The era of the wall of text for describing new features or the strengths of a new product was long gone with the emerging of multimedia content. In our busy modern days, it would be much more convenient if useful information can be understood in a short time. Caught this new trends, many companies, especially video game publishers have written little and put many efforts in flashy demonstrations. I cannot imagine which could be more mesmerized than a well-crafted in-game footage.

A TED-Ed video that I found incredibly interesting. The clip is effortless and fun to get the information in a brief time.

An as a fanfiction author and a netizen, I noticed that embedded music video plays an important role in enhancing or creating readers’ emotions while reading certain chapters. It helps them to feel the feelings that intended to convey. This benefit works so well for other types of contents, such as traveling clips, introducing new aesthetic products, a teaser for a singer’s new album, and almost anything else. We would be on the emotional rollercoaster with the clips’ content. The right video music clips work much more effective than just image and words.

Last but not least, video clips are superly benefited for education. With the soaring of video clips, online courses have been becoming a new trend for people all over the world who do not have chances and resources to approach direct classes at schools or studying abroad. Learning foreign language is a great example of this advantage, I wonder what could be more convenient than video clips that teach foreigners to pronounce correctly a word. I myself also got great benefit from many IELTS website while studying for the test two years ago. Thank God, I got an amazing result on that particular exam.

Video clips seem to be the finest form of giving information because they ‹ satisfied our two most important senses, visual and auditory at the same time ›. And so they make both our virtual and real life become so much easier.

Now, enjoy the music I listened to compose this blog post for Matinée Multilingual” Contest 😀


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