Alpaca wig or synthetic wigs…?

I thought I would be really productive during the winter break, such as completing all of my face-up commissions and finishing at least 4 books. However, all I’ve done was painting nonsense things and watching Korean dramas. Though saying so doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything; at least, two books were read and two face-up commissions were almost finished. Not a good progress, I know >”<

Anyway, Siela‘s first alpaca wig arrived yesterday after one month waiting. Below are some photos I took today. She also got some new winter clothes as gifts from my amazing dolly friends. However, it’s so cold this morning, I tried but couldn’t stay outside long enough to feel the air and capture photos without numbing my fingers. Maybe next time.

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Let’s talk a little about the alpaca wig. Long ago, I was against anything from the animals but later, I learned that alpacas need to be sheared annually for their own health. Hence, their wools are safe to buy? Honestly speaking, I’m still suffering from the dilemma of ethical behaviors. We bred the domestical breed that cannot shear their coat naturally, so if we stop shearing them, they’ll die. But if we do, I can imagine the stress we put on those poor beasts. What if everybody stop buy wool products? Will nature again make things right? Meanwhile, those alpacas and sheeps would be alright till then? Oh, this is cognitive dissonance!!! We do what is against our belief and then we try everything to make up a logical excuse!!

Anyway, put aside the ethical issue (yes, I’m trying to suppress the guilt), I wanna talk about the comparison between the synthetic wig and alpaca wigs. Which one should we buy for our dolls?

Alpaca Wigs:

  • Strengths:
    • Super soft
    • Look like real hair (exquisite?)
    • Easier to style
  • Drawback:
    • Expensive to very expensive

 Synthetic Wigs:

  • Strengths:
    • Considerable price. We can buy many different wigs.
    • Varied styles
    • Easy to dye temporarily
    • Easy to preserve
  • Drawbacks:
    • More difficult to style. We mostly keep the original shape.
    • Look fake (of course?)

In my opinion, we can have one alpaca wig (if the ethical issue doesn’t bother you at all or you can deal with cognitive dissonance like me) and other synthetic ones. Experience tells me that sometimes, synthetic wigs can create better hairstyles, for example, short hairstyles or some weird styles. The choices are still up to you.

Other Siela’s photos:

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