[WoW] Tides of Darkness

The universal problem of every student we do not have enough spared time for entertained reading. This book was picked at the beginning of F17-term and in almost four months, I hardly could finish one chapter at a time. Now, the semester was over and surprisingly, it was consumed in only 3 days, hahaha.

warcraft, world of warcraft, book review

“Tides of darkness” takes place before “The rise of the Lich King”, which depicts the first war between the Alliance and the Horde after Stormwind has been fallen. Like any other Warcraft book, I again fall in love with how beautifully it was crafted with both writing style and the story itself. Though Aaron Rosenberg’s style is not as romantic as Christine Golde, his depiction for battle scenes is fantastic. Not only once his words threw my imagination right in the middle of the battlefield, as if I was there, fighting with a divided soul for both sides. However, since most of the time, the book followed Alliance faction, it has less time to portrait how honourable the orcs could be and their cause of the invasion. I believe that if a guest reader passes by, he or she might hold a thought of evil, brute, and barbaric orcs. As a fan of the series in general, I feel uncomfortable with it.

Anyway, throughout “Tides of darkness”, readers would again live in the intense atmosphere of the first encounter which seemingly opens the vast and long-term wars as we all knew in video games later. We also know how honourable a true orc could be, how Orgrim Doomhammer was call legend, about Anduin Lothar, Khadgar, Turalyon, and his blossomed relationship with Alleria Windrunner (hell yeah, she’s the oldest of the Windrunner family) as well as the origin of paladins and the death knights.

A highly recommend for any Warcraft fan and for any fantasy lover.

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