One perfect morning

teacup, morning tea, black tea, teaAbsolutely a night owl I am, a cosy morning being all alone, surrounded by only the warm golden sunlight, faintly chilling music, and something so dear like brushes, colour, and papers was still beyond the bliss. Such perfect mornings I had during the first semester break in Canada when all of my housemates had returned home and left me alone in our small townhouse was the best time of my whole busy year!

Every morning, I woke up at 7:00, had a simple breakfast then prepared a nice cup of my favourite tea flavour, which usually the gentle white tea. Sunlight didn’t come directly in my small kitchen till noon (due to the position of the windows) but the room was still brightened up beautifully and enough to levitated my mood up the white clouds above.

On the table, I relaxingly set my watercolour cake set, three water brushes, drawing notebook, and an elegant teacup. There would be no phone, no laptop on my sight. All was ready for a morning to be completely self-indulged by art and serenity. That was my own little peaceful cocoon amid the cacophony of outside world.

The bliss of being able to be alone but not lonely.

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