My Goddess

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It’s been over a year since my last photo for my goddess. Though intended to pack her and Vince to Canada with me, I was left no choice but saying goodbye for our own good. It turned out a wise decision because I did have problems with baggage’s weight at Toronto Airport. It’s lucky that they’re not there, if yes I would be panic for not knowing what to do.

After arriving at the school dorm, I wanted to have them sent to me via mail but due to my constant worries for their safety, again, I chose not to. That’s how we’re away in nine months long.

Anyway, we’re together now and Valar finally got my attention after a very busy month since I’m home.

This spontaneous photo served only for showing her absolute beauty with the eyes that lent from my younger sister. While was still in Canada, I was about to buy a pair of white eyes from Oscar-doll for Valar but hesitated because it’s so hard to know whether they’re for her or not. Oscar’s eyes, though very sophisticated and fantasy-feeling, usually make the dolls look so lifeless. I guess only elves in World of Warcraft can possess those eyes and still appear heavenly. Anyway, now I knew my goddess looks best with celestial shades.

Moving around three countries in 3 years costs me a lot of precious time that should be spent with them…. though, I cannot help 😥

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