Do not touch my doll!

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Do you love outdoor shooting? I do. I really do.

The concern of strong light exposure seldom cannot prevent me from getting my boys and girls out of my room for some beautiful photos. Nothing can compare to natural light in photography in my opinion. However, since I only brought out tiny ones, no annoyed issue occurred during my previous shooting sections. Until recently…

Due to the loneliness in Canada, I adopted a Smart Doll Mirai and was utterly happy with her companion. Back to the time before I went home for summer vacation, only once I hit a classmate’s hand for grasping her head rudely (a kind of behavior which I really really hate). Other people only said lovely compliments, asked me politely to show them the doll’s face without touching it and might tease me, such “How lovely your baby!!”

However, during my latest trip to Dalat with my family, impolite behavior happened to my doll too often that I’ve felt discouraged to take her out and about in future. Many people approached us and rudely touched her without bothering to ask me if they could do it or not. What’s worse? They always poked her face!!!! I am very annoyed!!! My good friend told me that she suffered the same situation when a woman, after having permission to hold the doll and was asked to not touch the face-up, let her niece cupped the doll’s face with both hands. So rude!!!!! There were a couple of people asked me why they were not allowed to touch the doll’s face, which I was about to lose my temper with such ignorance.

Put aside the fact that they have no idea of how precious and expensive the face-up is and the oil on our hand/fingers would destroy it, their behavior is a mere impolite act. It’s also not about I am very sensitive to privacy and personal space but we do not touch other people’s items without permission! And when we have permission, we must follow their instructions closely. That’s politeness! Though I clearly understand that many people regard dolls as cheap toys for kids, but even so, it doesn’t mean they are free to be touched.

I wonder why many people do not understand such a small social politeness like that?


2 thoughts on “Do not touch my doll!

  1. That sounds horrible. . . I’m sorry you had such a bad experience in Dalat. This is exactly why I’m nervous about taking my doll out in public. If only people would treat them with respect! I mean, you don’t touch someone else’s purse without permission, right? Or their notebook? It’s the same for dolls! 😡
    I do hope that you’ll feel comfortable taking Mirai out in public again sometime, especially with all the beautiful photo opportunities.

    • Thank you for understanding <3. I do agree that no matter what the item is, we don't touch what's not ours without permission. Maybe next time, I must find a place without people to shoot photos for my dolls 😀

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