Valkyrie Gate: dolls & exotic collection

Visiting any doll store was not in our traveling plan from the beginning but since we’re at Chatuchak Weekend Market, it’d be a big regret if we didn’t stop by Valkyrie Gate, one of the biggest doll shop in Bangkok, Thailand.

First and also the most important thing I wanna note for anyone who has the intention to be there was, the shop is in Chatuchak Plaza, not in JJ Mall. Based on the Google Map, false guides from local people, and especially imprinted by the word “plaza”, Bunny carried me up and down three floors of the mall to search for the shop but in vain. Chatuchak Plaza is the market itself, next to the Weekend Market, not the kind of luxurious shopping mall we imagine for the word “plaza”.

We can access to the shop by going into the plaza, find Zone A, Soi 7, Room 98. The shop is decorated very sophisticatedly distinctive. You cannot miss it once we already located Zone A, Soi 7.

Sadly, when we arrived there around 5-6 PM, the walk, the hot weather, and painful feet worn Bunny out to the point she didn’t want to take any picture of the shop. Honestly saying, I believed she even intended to put me inside her backpack instead of hanging me on her shoulder. Thus, in this post, I’ll link photos from the shop itself which specific images of displaying dolls I saw over there.



[@Vakyrie Gate]


[@Vakyrie Gate]


[@Vakyrie Gate]




[@Vakyrie Gate]

My first impression is the shop is exquisitely embraced by steampunk theme. Its window was decorated beautifully with two customized Soom BJDs, Amber (maybe) and a guy I cannot recognize (Soom has many similar sculpts), in stunning outfits. However, only 5 SD BJDs are shown inside on the left side of the space, in which I recognized Quinglin by Angell-studio, Yena by Sadoll, an SD Luts guy (an event head?!), and other two I have no clear clue who they are. Again, all are in gorgeous costumes.



[@Vakyrie Gate]


[@Vakyrie Gate]



On the left side of the five BJDs, there is a small case for floating heads, some with face-up, some none. Above it is a chest Quidditch’s balls.  [@Vakyrie Gate]

The shelves on their right display about three small size BJDs, in which one Soom Teenie in full set and a YoSD girl in Sadoll dress. However, the face-ups on those little babies are worn out.

Below all of them are drawers that contain accessories, such as wigs, eyes, handsets, outfits, etc… I felt sad when none of the accessories are displayed outside. Instead, beautiful luminescent butterflies are exhibited inside glassed bells. Though very elegant, as a doll lover, Bunny still thinks the shop doesn’t satisfy her expectation.



[@Vakyrie Gate]



[@Vakyrie Gate]


[@Vakyrie Gate]


[@Vakyrie Gate]



This Cheshire cat from Pipos BJD was removed outside when I visited.  [@Vakyrie Gate]


[@Vakyrie Gate]

In one shelf, a box of Snow Miku is put inside, behind a net curtain.

Despite the little disappointment of not able to see and choose the accessories freely, our visit was very joyful. The shopkeepers are very nice and handsome. They can communicate with foreigners smoothly and Bunny even got a discount for my handset. YAY!!!

I highly recommend if you have a chance, a visit to this charming doll shop is a must.


Room# A98, Chatuchak Plaza, Zone A, Soi 7.
Bangkok, Thailand

What they are selling: Oasis doll, SQlab, Sadol, Dollmore, Ringdoll, Doll Chateau, Raccoondoll, DollIt, Visualdoll, TCdoll, Wigwing, and Culture Japan (Smartdoll).


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