Faolain… The sad rebellion


Not the unconventional Caithe, the genius Zojja or arrogant Rytlock Grimstone but after almost two years inside Guild Wars 2’s vast world, I was fascinated by an antagonist – Faolain. I guess in the end, characters that closed to the real us always get their way, though silently, into my sensitive soul; as if a part of me lives in them and vice versa.


The strayed child

Faolain is the Firstborn of Dust Cycle and from some very first moments of setting her foot into the world, as others Firstborns, she was very eager to learn everything that the Pale Tree had taught her in “the dreams”. However, the young sylvari started to rebel to Ventari’s Teaching, to her Wyld Hunt and that’s when she wanted to live a life as her own will. Does this sound familiar to us? When teenage hit us hard, didn’t we often think our mother’s sayings were old whines of some ancient rules that no longer fitted us? That we blamed her for not understand our feelings and thus some of us chose to act recklessly with dangerous behaviors only to prove our’s righteous indignations. And so, Grand Duchess Faolain of Nightmare Court was born! Deep down in her turbulent spirit, Faolain would have never regarded herself as a betrayed sylvari, a bad individual because her whole life was dedicated for Nightmare Court – the group of free will children who didn’t want to exist as mere puppets for their mother, “the Pale Tree”. They had the will to live for their own. As we were…

However, her ending is not my favor when Faolain was corrupted by Mordremoth and completely forgot the goal she had tried her very best to achieved. It’s sad… though not all spoiled children can have second chance but it’d be better if ArenaNet composed another line for her interesting story. I can’t help but remember Rapunzel and her adopted mother as well as the witch and her mother in the famous musical “Into the woods”, who also ended up in grief and the other would suffered the same in many many years later when her dreams start to shatter.There’s a quote I truly like “We grow up thinking out parents will never understand our struggles, but the truth is that they made sure we never felt theirs.” Flying away from mother’s embrace is never a bad thing to do, especially when we’re young and free and passionate, but I guess never we can beat wise advices from person who manage to go through many rough curves, and person who put us above anything as our mother. Keep her wise words closed to our heart and bravely explore the world!

The loyal lover

I still remember the first time my friend asked me “Is that Caithe and Faolain a couple?” Well, because they’re both females… but it’s true, they are.

Not once in the game, players could see how desperate Faolain was into Caithe, to draw Caithe back to her side, her “right side” even by pushing Caithe’s life to the ridge. However when Caithe needed her power to fight back the great evil dragon, that seem-to-be heartless soul, without a blink, drew back the poison she had planted in Caithe and so self-withered her own arm. Isn’t it the way we love when we’re younger? With both our body and soul?!

So Faolain, may your soul rest in peace with your endless love to Caithe in your always burning heart…


Note: The sylvari are a young, inquisitive race of botanical humanoids. The first sylvari sprouted from the Pale Tree in Arbor Bay, emerging in 1302 AE. The tree was planted by Ronan and raised by Ventari, who were attempting to escape the violence that engulfed Tyria.

Sylvari are one of the five playable races in Guild Wars 2.