Some weird thoughts…

Oh so many people may think it’s easy to take photo of still-lives, such dolls, figures, flowers, an apple or a water cup… I said “You must be kidding me!” It’s not about you raise your camera, point and shoot; it’s about the love of you and that thing, about the invisible bond you two create together so you’ll be able to capture the thing’s soul in a photo. If you want to have a beautiful coffee cup photo, you must fall for that cafe cup. I saw some photographers, who are so good with their cosplay photography but still failed to imprint the dolls’ soul, which I strongly believe there’s nothing wrong with their skills but their heart.

I adore my friend, who can take photos of anything in her eyes, which I can’t. I may work best with my boys and girls but it doesn’t meant with any other dolls, include the ones I face-upped. Please don’t take me wrong that I painted them without love, but when they departed from my workshop, their soul belonged to their owners, not me anymore. We may still maintain the thin link but not the precious bonds as I have with my children and as you with yours. We’re the best photographer for out babies, I believe!

So the next time if you see some nice doll photos, I think you have at least a small chance to conceive that owner is truly into her/his dolls.

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Model: Siela Sylvari [Fairyland MNF Liria]