Fainted colors

Morning light lurked into her cold room, intensely yet impossible to shoo away the loneliness that dwelled deep inside her heart, as if that seed already spread out its tangible roots throughout her body. Every breath only granted a real hard force in order to stop the beating.

Yes, she’s alone here, in a place not yet familiar and surely never would be… She missed him, dearly! From the moment they were introduced to each other, this was the first time people spotted her without him by her side. And not have his scent in every breath was not much beyond lacking of essential air.

Her master wanted to take some cozy and peaceful photos but though they’re all alone in that room, no other sight around, satisfied expression was never appeared on her master’s face. Simply… because she couldn’t put herself under the mood of taking pictures, let alone acting so serene. She just couldn’t…

So the colours were fainted… slowly…

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