[Face-up] Fairyland Pukifee Mio

Well, well… this lovely face-up is my 2nd work for this beautiful little girl (her name is Miuna). The last time ended up in deep purple hue and red lips, though very attractive, purple is not an easy colour to style and Himiko really had tough time since she doesn’t have suitable eyes and wigs. That’s why we decided to create a makeover for Miuna with lighter appearance.

Himiko only asked for brown colours but I decided to add a light pink layer of eyeshadow… simply… I love PINK!!!

Honestly saying, Pukifee Mio is such an amazing sculpt, to the point that I wanna own one baby for myself after finishing this piecework. However, after paying for my 6th doll, I’m broke!!!! FML!

– Sculpt: Fairyland Pukifee Mio –

Commission for Himiko

——– Information for my face-up service: HERE

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