First Anniversary for Bunny’s TiNy Face-up Shop


First year as a face-up artist has passed in full blossom, all thanks to God’s blessing, great support from my family and my great customers!!!

Time flew like a blink of an eye, I must admit because until the date of the first commission hit my eyes, I totally forgot the the anniversary passed last week. Yes, the date is Nov 10th 2013. Sometimes I cannot believe all of these amazing things could happen to me in such a beautiful fashion. I gained a lot and also there are things I didn’t think they could turn out to be that good.

Now rewind all the pictures of my commissions, it’s obviously that a lot of experiences were gained through every face-up I did, for example: colour theory, thin line techniques, sculpt examination.. And they also encourage me to continue pursuit the dream that was set from the beginning. I’m sorry that I cannot blurt it out in public but i’m on the way there, all appreciations to my dear customers. This confidence is not built on pure belief but on the achievements that I earned along the way. And it’s so proud to be able make my living based mainly on this beloved job. Thank you again everyone for turning my silly dream into reality.

This job also gave me some surprises that I hadn’t ever thought about before I started everything, for example, my customers can be citizen from Brazil, United Kingdom, Australia… It’s hard to believe for me at first and I am very happy that amidst many talented artists who nearer to them, they chose me to paint heir beloved dolls – an artist is living very far from them, even against the fear of terrible post service, lolz. The second surprise is Vietnamese owners asked commissions from me. I widened my eyes because I thought they would like to paint the dolls themselves for some reasons I could only guess. But anyway, I am so happy with that surprise.

I am really really appreciate everyone and hope that your support still be with me for many following years. Geezzzzz, I’m greedy and I know it, hahaha.