Fang x Vanille: Is it love?

oerba yun fang

[cr: Square-Enix]

“I will tear down the sky in order to save her!”

– Fang to Lightning

Final Fantasy XIII is the first game I fall for two sub characters instead of two main characters as I always did in the past. Why? Because they are beyond just a cool characters. They’re warm, strong and above all they have evolvement. Though I put my eyes on Hope Estheim at first due my white/silver hair fetish but Oerba Yun Fang is truly the best character in Final Fantasy XIII in particular or in the whole series in general to me.

A mix of man and woman, she is. Tetsuya Nomura once said he intended to portrait Fang as a male character then his concept changed. At least with me, he did the right thing. It would be a normal for a man to possess those traits, like warm, protective, determined… but with a woman, who owns for herself all these… We got a whole different experience.

She got a male aura with a little feminine appearance. I still remember the first time I saw her concept artwork, “That’s a man trapped inside a woman!” – I murmured for my ears. Fang grasped in her hands very straight looking, heavy weapon and darker shade skin tone. Just from outside, player could distinguish and identify her from the rest that this character was special oddly. A man woman, admittedly.

oerba yun fang, final fantasy XIII, final fantasy 13, FFXIII, FF13

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But the more we involved with the game storyline, the firmer we were attracted to this woman. Fang is not only a strong one by her presence but she is also a thoughtful and shows sophisticated acts to other characters, which only can happen in a lady’s personality. She cares for them like big sister, like big brother and somehow, like a mother. To Lightning, Fang teaches her show to live with simple yet important goal; to Snow, that’s unselfish love toward someone and to Vanille, I am not sure that romantic feeling or merely sisterhood but there was a veil of illusion of a man perfect man clouded my mind whenever I witnessed the way she concerned for that noisy girl. Perhaps, because Fang is a woman that made her to be that wonderful.

And at last, I wonder about Vanille x Fang relationship. Naturally, a sister can show such a kind of affection to her little sister bit in case, there was also something weird poked me all the time I spent with their journey. Is is love? Or just sisterhood? Sisters will do anything to protect each other, though one of them must sacrifice their precious life, just like Lightning to Serah… but the love they share injected in my mind a love far beyond what Lightning did and even further than the one Snow always illustrated for his fiancee. It’s a confused concept between romantic love and family care.

oerba yun fang, final fantasy XIII,  final fantasy 13, FF13, FFXIII, oerba dia vanille

[cr: lovely-vanille]

oerba yun fang, final fantasy XIII,  final fantasy 13, FF13, FFXIII, oerba dia vanille

[cr: дневники]

oerba yun fang, final fantasy XIII,  final fantasy 13, FF13, FFXIII, oerba dia vanille

[vr: soratane]


oerba yun fang, final fantasy XIII,  final fantasy 13, FF13, FFXIII, oerba dia vanille

[cr: Square-Enix]

I myself also can not figure a clear answer so I will keep all of these in my heart and leave the judgement for it. In the end, love was something mainly that sense takes in charge of.

Oerba Yun Fang…


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