[Kingdom of Light – C3] Like gravity like love

Kingdom of Light
Chapter 3

– Like gravity like love



Angelica leant on the white column while closing her eyes, let her soul go free in every breeze which brushing on her porcelain skin, as if she was feeling the air’s spirit. 18 years of living in an elven city granted for her a life full of blossom and bliss, nothing to worry about… Hey, stop, Angelica opened her eyes sharply when a specific image suddenly invaded the back of her mind… Her pale rosy lips parted to exile a heavy sigh… yes, everything was perfect, except one simple thing – her adopted mother – Valar Skywalker.

They said she took everything for granted but sometimes Angie just wanted to switch the place with any foul mouth for only one day. She was sure that if they could stay here in a full day, then it would be a miracle. Valar Skywalker was a legend but very tale had side stories, too bad for Angie, her so-called-legend had too many chaotic lyrics to hymn to eternity.

Morning light covered the whole shimmering palace in its yellow-orange hue, glittered the white walls vividly and the beautiful reflections freckled many white shining dots on the lake’s surface breathtakingly. Other elves said it was lucky for Valar to be given such a poetic spot to create her own castle; but when she brought this up with her mother long time ago, Valar smirked then slowly said: “There is no luck!” Angie met eyes with Valar for a moment, and that was the first time she realised rule number 1 – “Valar is the Queen!

The light fully crested the hills surrounding the palace. Dawn was significant to all elves, as it symbolized rebirth and no one had ever wondered about the elf’s love for nature. Though bathing in the warm sunlight, Angie still could not sway away from the shadow inside her gut, as today, that so-called-legend got to move her ass to human’s kingdom for attending the prince’s honour ceremony; but her whereabout was still out of sight. The world was facing a turbulent and uncertain time, yet her mother still showed no interesting in it; as if the raging war out there had nothing related to her.

“Hmm… anything related?” – Valar said, did not forget to raise her sophisticated eyebrows whenever anyone questioned her about her tranquility.

Indeed, nothing related! Valar always thought her kind had retreated behind the veil of time after many very very very long parades. So many wars had come and gone, the feeling of herself, put her own life on the tip of her enchanted arrows was exhaust, as she mentioned.



A young priestess ran to Angie’s spot as sweats already dotted all over her pale face. Angie stood straight immediately right after the first word of the unpleasant news the girl bore was spoken.

“I… can’t find master. Instead of it… I found this letter on her nightstand. The name on it was you.” – The young elf finally could manage to finish her announcement between labored breathing; seemed that she must have run all the way here with the fastest speed to inform such an annoyed news. On her smooth palm was Valar’s letter, still smelt like fresh morning grass, the scent Valar loved most.

The young priestess shifted uncomfortably when she saw Angie furrowed her brow while reading the letter. As a main person who was in charged of today’s departing under Regent’s order, she definitely wished that everything could run undisturbly, although her mind had accepted the fact that Valar was gone; so there was no any kind of leaving today. That meant she failed her mission.

The letter was short but Angie read it too slow to be true. It was not she could not comprehend Valar’s meaning, it was she needed time to gulf down the anger was blocking her throat.

“Damn!” – Angie spitted out one bad word before crumbled both the letter and the envelop together in front of the astonished messenger, then she furiously said – “Just keep doing your job. We will still leave at noon.”

Without further words, Angie turned her heels to her chamber, not in her normal calm and quiet fashion, abandoned behind the paper ball which minutes ago was still Valar’s beautiful, neat letter and envelop.

The young elf kneeled down to pick it up, carefully unfolded, then this time, it’s her turn to not able to shut her mouth and widen her eyes in utter bewilderment.

“Dear my beautiful daughter,

This morning, while trying to figure out the reason to refuse today’s leaving frantically, I realized how stupid I am for not capable of composing a good lie. That’s why I have to set out myself and leave the rest for you.

I believe my smart girl can solve the trouble I left behind as clever as usual.

Love you so much,

Valar, your beloved mother.”

With the crumbled paper in her hand, she could not help but cocked her head toward Angie’s direction and a long sigh slowly exhaled out of her lips. Valar was still Valar, their Queen of troubles.



Valar’s face was glowing with delight after her successful sneaking out of her own territory without anyone’s consciousness, especially Angie’s hawk sense. Much more than usual, Valar took her precious time to ponder about their heirarchy, who was mother and who was daughter? Angie had been such a lovely girl until she chose the path of necromancer 2 years ago. Valar was deeply in regret that she had not repelled that idea from the lightest glimpse when Angie had come to be counselled. At first, she thought being a necromancer was fun as she herself could not follow that profession due to her core form but perhaps, playing with the dead too often also taken the toll. Angie’s soul gradually became an old hag though her look was still maintain its naive and pure frame. Such a bad luck!

One sunlight ray lurked into her shimmering eyes, reflected back many the sparkles that chased out all the gloomy thoughts out of her mind. She was free now! It’s time to enjoy!!! As so, Valar closed her beautiful eyes while running through the thaumaturgic forest that she had helped grow it thousand years ago with her brethren – the Firstborns, spread out her aura farther to feel the spirits of this wood, granted them a chance to guide her feet to freedom.

Valar had not ever stopped her love for the enormous sensation that air and earth spirit echoed back in her mind every time she loosen up her mental shield, blended her own magic aura with them. That feeling was like she once again backed into the Creator’s magical womb, a collective state that nurtured and taught her before she had been awaken, passively imbued all the knowledge and feeling from outside spirits . Calm. Quiet. Serenity.

When Valar snapped back her eyes, the wood was already behind the glance over her shoulders. In front of her right now was the vast scene of peaceful plateau and some small trails drew across here and there, created a big canvas of many shades of green. Human world sure had changed since her last visit 15 years ago.


The Firstborn exclaimed as loud as she could, even ignored the sudden sore in her precious throat after such an impulse shouting; though this endless field did not stand a chance with her own domain but it was still too excited to explore and brought in some minor havocs.

“But, first… I have to find a mount. Sprinting on the hard earth definitely not my fashion.” – Valar reminded herself after spotting some dirty mud pools on the tracks. But in order to find a mount, she must first located a small village or passengers around this area; and over there, roughly 300 meters, a carriage was trundling down the path.

“Seem rich dude.” – Valar narrowed her eyes to observe the whole scene as that carriage was being escorted by 5 fighters, all in knighthood tabard over their plate. If lucky, she could have the permission to travel with them inside that carriage, well, safe and sound!

Without further contemplation, the elf dashed through the distance with high speed, carefully avoided all the mud, large and small on her way to the moving target. She, undoubtedly, did not want to stain her attire. It was not exactly that she was freak out because of the dirt, she just despited the smell of foul things.

After approximately 2 minutes, Valar had appeared in front of the carriage. Her shadow scared the horse a little bit far from her expectation. All of them withdrew shining sword immediately in order to protect the carriage or she could say they did it to protect the person inside. But the most impressive manner they planted in her mind was their quick respond to an out of the blue situation, nice squad, Valar had to compliment them secretly.

“Hold!!” – Valar’s finger swirled a small circle in the air, blew an invisible breeze to the uneasy horse to calm them down. Not so many people acknowledged the secret of Firstborn, these ancient people could communicate with nature, so they were able to borrow assists to control animal’s attitude if needed.

Under surprised eyes of these men, their horse almost instantly regained their calmness, as if no one or nothing had happened strangely standing in front of them. Their eyes, of course, fell on the extraordinary beauty who had just popped up from nowhere and messed the whole scene. This lady was beyond people’s wildest and the most surreal imagination.

“Who are you?” – One man took one step forward and asked an inevitable question.

“Uhm… just a stray elf who needs shelter.” –  Valar said, open-handedly gifted them a sheepish smile on her sexy lips. She lived too long to understand man’s weaknesses and the most effective ways to exploit those flaws. And, well, not beyond her expectation, their face bathed in tomato shade, as red as monkey’s ass.

“But we don’t have extra horse…” – One man reluctantly said while examining his own troop, hoping for anything that they could aid this beautiful lady. However, in an odd minute, Valar titled her head slightly, been dazed by their careless act. Yes, she was very very amazing but this play was a bit miles away, how could they without any doubt take her in – a stranger?

“How about I can share a small spot inside your carriage?” – Valar suggested, pointed to that surely cozy thing behind these men’s back. We have to note here that Valar would never let her seductive gestures lose the sight, as if they had become her instinct. While her slender finger was indicating the carriage, her lips curved into a dreamy crescent moon under bright sunlight.

5 men met eyes with each other for a moment, which in her spheres, they were discussing a closed meeting of what should be done next, with her, infallibly. Valar took this short period to contemplate the carriage closer, intentionally guessing the person’s rank inside. Must be noble but why they had to travel from the North? There was only wasteland with blank scene of white, freckled by abandoned fortresses and remains of undead nightmares. No one had lived there, according to her clear memory of the last war – The Third War, as she usually called it; or perhaps hid so long in her own solitude had depleted her brain cells?

“Lady…” – The oldest knight spoke as his eyes fixed on her, concernedly observed the noble young elf was standing gracefully with her charming smile in front of him whether he could trust her or not. – “Do you by any chance, know a way to cure undead’s poison?” – He finally said it straight to the point. Maybe in human’s point of view, elf was a higher life form with mystics and immense knowledge, not to mention such a marvellous one like her.

“Undead’s poison?” – Valar asked, her brow furrowing in curiosity. It was years she had not heard about undead’s poison since that toxic only ran in their high class one’s veins, which meant, in their blood. Beside that, in her recollection, undead’s survival had seemed an impossible folly. Valar frantically searched her thousands years brain to clutch for any hint about the cure but in vain. Her war with that kind was over 700 years ago, but the truth was, Valkyr was in charged of that campaign, not her. When he asked for her support, Valar evaded the cooperation due to her hatred for foul things. That’s why she had no clue about the antidote for their poison. Anyway, that was not problem here, the problem was she needed shelter!!!

However, Valar always positively trusted her ability. 2000 years of living was firmly not full of only fighting, somehow she could find out a formula for it. Then followed that strong belief, the Firstborn said – “Sure!”

Almost in a fraction of heartbeat, Valar saw contentment reflected on their face, seemed the person inside was very important to them. Perhaps, their general!

The old knight dismounted to lead her to the carriage’s door and immediately at the moment he opened the door, a stiff cold air escaped freely out of the confine space, brushed on her sensitive skin. This person, this man was in deep shit already.

“Oh my…” – She could not press down that words in her throat because of the coldness once she got inside. For the first time in her life, desperation laid its cruel finger on her heart. This man went beyond her grasp.



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7 thoughts on “[Kingdom of Light – C3] Like gravity like love

  1. Òa Valar của nàng siêu dễ thương luôn, nàng ấy đã đẹp rồi mà còn mang trong mình tính cách khiến ai cũng phải thích – à không, là mình thích😀. Dù đôi khi nó làm người khác điên đầu và gây ra vài rắc rối nho nhỏ ^^, nàng ấy đã nhiều tuổi (dùng từ nhiều mà vẫn thấy ít =)), nhưng tâm hồn lại như không bằng cô con gái nuôi của nàng, Angie của nàng hình như còn chín chắn và trưởng thành hơn cả bà mẹ nuôi ham chơi kia. Cái lá thư khiến cho cô con gái chỉ còn biết cố gắng kiềm chế nhưng rồi không thể kiềm chế mà còn văng bậy một câu. Who was mother and who was daughter, câu này mô tả mối quan hệ mẹ con này quá chuẩn =)). Lại còn cái đoạn rất biết cách lợi dụng điểm yếu của đàn ông để đến nỗi làm khuôn mặt họ đỏ like monkey’s ass nữa chứ =)).

    Nàng cho gặp nhau một tí rồi ngắt cũng được vậy mà ngắt ngang, thế này bao giờ mình mới đọc được tới đoạn Valar và Vicen mùi mẫn đây ;;.

    Nhưng nàng tả cảnh rất siêu thực nhé, mình thích cái ánh sáng lấp lánh trong mấy đoạn đầu và cả cái đoạn mà Valar vừa bắt đầu cuộc rong chơi của mình, tất cả đều đẹp huyền ảo đúng như trong mấy câu chuyện cổ tích vậy đó :X.

    Hic, có nhiều từ mình không biết ;;😦.

    • Ơ hơ hơ, nãy giờ gõ quá trời mà mất tiêu T.T Thôi mình gõ lại với Necromancer trước nghen!

      Necromancer là một chức nghiệp trong thế giới thần thoại Châu Âu, nó cũng tương đồng với Paladin, Priest, Ranger…. Điểm khác biệt lớn nhất của Necro là họ đi theo dark art, sử dụng ma thuật hắc ám làm vũ khí. Necromancer có khả năng triệu hồi xác sống, hấp thu life force/sức sống từ kẻ thù và vũ khí họ dùng cũng được tạo nên từ những thứ liên quan đến cái chết. Tuy nhiên không phải Necromancer nào cũng ác, với năng lực đặc biệt của mình, họ có thể mang đồng đội trở về từ cái chết trong một số trường hợp đặc biệt. Sau này mình sẽ giải thích vì sao Angie nó lại chọn trở thành Necromancer trong khi Valar là một Priestess-Rogue phối hợp.

      Priest – ko hẳn là một tu sĩ, nhưng họ là ngược của necromancer, họ tu tập light art. Hầu hết các phép thuật họ sử dụng để hồi phục và bảo vệ cho đồng đội; vì vậy khả năng chiến đấu thông thường của họ khá kém.

      Rogue – hay còn lại là thích khách. Họ có khả năng tàng hình trong thời gian ngắn, di chuyển cực kỳ nhanh và khả năng gây sát thương lớn.

      Paladin – hiệp sĩ của ánh sáng. Họ là những chàng hiệp sĩ có khả năng sử dụng phép thuật hỗ trợ và bảo vệ đồng đội mạnh nhất.

      Giờ quay trở lại cô elf Valar tưng tửng :))))) Sống thì lâu nhưng phần lớn thời gian của cô nàng là chiến đấu và chiến đấu. Nó cũng nói rằng cứ sống trên đầu từng mũi tên thực sự rất mệt mỏi cho nên sau này, khi Valkyr chết là nó vứt bỏ hết cho thoải mái, chỉ tập trung phá là chính. Ngoài ra tính của nó, về cơ bản vẫn thích chơi đùa. Chỉ tội mỗi Angie phải chạy theo dọn cái đống rắc rối do nó gây ra thường xuyên. Việc Angie chọn Necromancy làm chức nghiệp chính cũng vì nó lo cho Valar. Chỉ là đợt bỏ trốn này của Valar hơi quá, bên Regent chuẩn bị hết từ A->Z rồi mà nó bỏ đi là sao?!?!?!?!?!

      Sau này 2 bạn trẻ ngọt ngào lắm, nàng cứ an tâm từ từ thưởng thức =))))) Valar nó bị tưng nên nàng không cần phải lo chuyện nó vô tư hưởng thụ Vince như thế nào =)))))

  2. Đấy hôm qua mình đọc mấy cái này không hiểu, mà không hiểu thì không biết rõ về Angie luôn nàng ạ. May mà có nàng giải thích, sau này đọc các chap khác khéo còn phải hỏi nhiều. Ví dụ như về một số chất độc, như là undead mà Vicen đang bị nhiễm ấy. Và còn một số từ nữa cơ😀.

    Nàng nói hai bạn trẻ ngọt ngào là mình yên tâm rồi, nhưng Angie sau này chắc sẽ biết ơn Vicen cho xem, vì những rắc rối mà bà mẹ trẻ mang đến cho cô sẽ có người khác giải quyết hộ ^^. Mình hóng cái vụ Vicen sẽ cảm thấy thích thú như thế nào với những rắc rối mà Valar mang đến quá, ngay cả cái cách nàng muốn đi nhờ xe dù không rõ về cách giải quyết chất độc undead mà cứ gật bừa là đủ biết nàng thế nào rồi ^^.

    • À, nàng bí chữ Undead phải không? Undead nhiều chỗ dịch xác sống, thực ra chỉ đúng một phần vì zombie người ta cũng gọi là xác sống, trong khi zombie là loại thấp nhất trong hệ thống của Undead.

      Undead là từ dùng để chỉ những sinh vật vốn đã chết rồi nhưng lại được hồi sinh lại bằng ma thuật hắc ám. Họ có làn da xám, tay chân sẽ có chỗ còn bị lộ cả xương vì không phải Undead nào cũng được hồi sinh ngay sau khi chết và họ không biết đau. Tuy nhiên Undead vẫn có thể tư duy như người thường và đặc biệt thạo về các loại độc dược. Cái vụ chất độc trong máu của những Undead cấp cao là mình chế ra :))) Loại độc này kiểu giống như vũ khí cuối cùng trước khi chết, nó làm cho người trúng độc cảm thấy lạnh từ trong người toả ra, không cách nào kềm lại, sẽ dần dần chết cóng. Việc Vince có thể cầm cự lâu như vầy vốn đã rất lạ rồi.

      À, Undead còn tập hợp lại thành một xã hội thu nhỏ không khác con người. Có điều mấy trăm năm trước đã bị đuổi lên tận phương Bắc xa xôi nên Valar nó khác ngạc nhiên là sao có người lại trúng loại độc này. Có điều thứ nó quan tâm là đi nhờ xe cơ >”<

      Còn gì nữa không nào😛

      • Thảo nào mà Vicen lại ở đó, do là chữa bệnh🙂. Hình như còn nhưng về cơ bản đã nắm đc hết nội dung chap 3🙂.khi nào gặp từ khác mình sẽ hỏi nàng tiếp. Kk mình đang hóng đến cái đoạn chàng và nàng gặp nhau ấy. Mà cái đoanj cuối sao Valar nhìn thấy Vicen lại phản ứng như thế? Có phải Vicen đang bệnh nặng lắm rồi ko?

      • Cuối Chap2 Vince trúng độc nên quyết định trở về thủ đô để chữa, có ai ngờ trên đường đi đụng trúng Valar đâu. Còn Valar bỏ trốn để khỏi đến thủ đô nhàm chán thì lại đụng Vince. Nên mình mới đặt cái tựa Like gravity like love là vậy :)))))

        Vince bị nặng cực kỳ luôn nên Valar nó mới nói kỳ này tiêu chắc rồi!

      • Hic nhưng mà Valar tự tin sống được 2000 năm nên chắc chắn có cách chữa đúng ko, dù bây h chưa nghĩ ra🙂. Mà cũng ko sao dù nặng vậy nhưng tương lai còn có con cơ mà ;)) nên mình ko lo đâu.

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