Kingdom of Light [C1] – Unforgotten Sorrow

Chapter 1

Unforgotten Sorrow

“Stirring within me…
are these feelings I can’t ignore.
I need a miracle and that’s what I’m hoping for.”

               – I want love by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

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What light came in through the window did nothing to illuminate the place, indeed only showed thick clusters of dancing dust motes. Valar  lazily hid herself under the blanket with opened book in hands. She had been a lovely and very social lady but breathing non-stop in 2000 years somehow still created a tired illusion. That’s why when the light of dawn was stretched its fingers into her room every morning, Valar still found herself retiring to her own cozy chamber at the usual hour. Instead of dashing out the room, shimmered the whole city with fairy dust like what she did 500 years ago to wake everybody up; now preferring the solitary delights of books and scroll to the more cacophonous and energetic diversions of annoyed behaviors. Perhaps, she was getting old mentally.

Maybe…” – She smirked, sarcasm hovered on her lips whenever that thought appeared in her mind. No matter what she had been through in these thousands years, Valar always tried to keep herself from being isolated from others as if these noises would keep her feeling alive. But when her twin brother’s power moved to her in his last breath, which it was shaping a deep eternal cut in her soul. More than ever, a feeing of dread washed over her. For a lady who abandoned herself from all negative emotions, for the very first time in her immortal life, Valar felt something stir inside herself at that moment – something old, or young, or perhaps long forgotten. It was almost like a feeling of childlike… fear. Her heart since then, shut its door completely from any kind of emotions with glimpse hope that it would be safe, again or maybe behind that door, a little girl was trying to heal her wound but in vain.

Wars snatched them all from her, even in good deeds, it was too painful to cope with every time their eyes could not look at her anymore and she missed terribly the gentleness in such eyes when they said “Little Valar, you got special eyes.”

Then she was the last first born…

Valar reached out for her journal which she started to composing 20 years ago, poured in all of her memories because the feeling of ending suddenly made its way into her dreams frequently as if a premonition for her own fate. It just… if that day came, Valar did not want all of her brethren’s glories would be vanished as if they had been blotted out with ink in history.

“Enchanted Forrest” – Her thumb touched the word gently for its dear encounter she had 15 years ago with a handsome boy. Valar could not help but smile genuinely because of that boy’s expression after a week since her rescue.

“If we have a chance to see each other again, can I have your hand?” – That boy said while looking straight into her eyes, determination shone out of his young face. Valar said YES after a few stunning moment for she thought it was a child’s whim. No man could resist her beauty, and she well realized it long long long time ago, hmmm, mental-grew-up kids were not exception.

Another smile reached her heart when she opened the tiny box on her nightstand. She took out the ring inside to examine its mysterious carving – “For one and only.” The ring said, enchanted ancient words echo from the past with pure sorrow sound, but even so, the words stung.

Valar’s recollection went back again to the moment that boy gave her this; in awe, she asked him about this ring’s origin and he answer sincerely – “From my mother. What’s wrong with it?”

“No… nothing.” – She said, though the word was like ash in her mouth as she spoke it. – “I can’t accept it.” – She returned it into the boys’s palm.

The boy shook his head violently then slid it again into her palm, saying – “This is our… engaged ring.”

“WHAT?” – Her special eyes shot opened widely because of unbelievable surprise words. – “Kid, look, I am too too too much older than you. When you grow up, I will be an old hag. You still wanna marry me?” – She said, almost bursted out a laugh.

“For one and only” – He said, his voice revealing the affection of his heart – “And you are..” – then turned and ran away, leaving a disbelief graceful figure behind him.

The sting on her index finger’s thumb pulled her back reality. Sometimes she thought it was a living creature because every time she held it, it stabbed her, as if for reminding her about that un-said promise.

“You know, kid. This ring was a cursed one. It means we will never see each other again.” – She said to it and suddenly tasted bitterness in her mouth at the thought. That poor little boy’s mother maybe had not known about this malevolent tiny artifact’s origin and were amazed by its elegant design so then she assumed it as a magical ring.

“The name Vincente’.” – He shouted without turning his head.

*knock knock*

Valar shook the cobwebs from her mind and put the ring back to its container. Her night transparent moonlight gown wept the wooden cold floor as she walked to door.

“Master, you know, it would be nicer if I was a guy.” – Valar’s priestess said with folded arms in front of her chest while contemplating her master astonishing body through the shimmering gown. “And don’t show me your drunken sexy face!” – She snapped before Valar could respond by pouring her lips like a child with warm smile covered up her sparkling sunset orbs.

“Oh…” – Valar teased that impulsed snap from her lovely follower more by making the Ohhh sound sexily with her pouring lips. She leant on the door by elbow and placed index finger’s thumb against her temple, observed the very amused figure just inches before her.

“Ahem…” – The young priestess directed her gaze to the floor but Valar could not stop her teasing, she titled up the girl’s face with her another index finger, so she could locked the eyes. Valar let out a smirk of satisfaction when the younger elf barely breathing, wanted to look away but unable to. – “I believe I am more beautiful than the floor. Don’t you think so?”

“I… uhm… I…” – The girl stammered

“Hahahahahaha…” – Valar laughed out loud, regardless her previous seductive fashion, but even in such a free manner, she was still very very very beautiful. The young priestess recalled her first meeting with Valar, in the very first moment, she thought – “So, that THING was the first born.” They said First Borns looked different from the rest, their fair skin, pale sunlight hair, special eyes and most of all, enchanted aura… they were not merely elf because Creator used purest energies to form them… they were THINGS!!!

Valar was messing the girl’s hair by both hands but seemed this girl went deep into her own dimension, letting Valar to do whatever she loved. – “Hey, wake up or I will kiss you.”

“ Aahhhhh… No… I like guys!” – The young elf jumped back when consciousness ran back to her body and Valar again bursted out another laughter.

“ I came to inform that Regent is here. He wished to see you.” – She said quickly, skipping her breath then ran away as quick as she could. And in that figure, did not know why but Valar took it as the boy in her memories. “Human…

Valar let out a sigh then turned back to her room, didn’t forget to give her trash bin a covert glance. Many unopened letters was thrown inside carelessly by their receiver because of one simple reason – No interest – Valar gave up all of her concerns about wars, human or any other races long time ago. That sense came to her naturally after many tired years with blood and tears, with responsibilities and missions, with even her own life… She often cursed Valkyr for leaving her so soon in eerie nights and woke up with heavy headache in the next mornings. Valkyr was very different from her, he loved power and always had many ways to top up his passion for such. Maybe… that was why he had to rest in peace so soon, threw all of his shits on her fragile shoulders. Human’s war with orc was no longer her concern. She’s tired, fucking tired but that bastard from the Council kept sending her letters, urged her for a visit at Remembrance Day, the day prince Kyle Vasilis of Seven Cities to be honored as Crown Prince and above all, to show the good relationship between Elf and Human. “Who cared about a human boy…?” – she murmured under her throat.

But then the tiny box contained that ring caught her eyes.

Maybe a short trip is not totally a bad idea.”

 — to be continue…

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  1. Lười biếng với một nụ cười như muốn tránh xa khỏi mọi ồn ào … Nàng tả Valar uể oải dưới chiếc chăn và cả cái đoạn đầu tiên, Valar hiện lên trước mắt mình cái vẻ, uhm nói sao nhỉ, chả biết dùng từ này có đúng không nữa “một sự trễ nải duyên dáng”.

    Valar đáng yêu quá đi, cái vẻ đẹp mong manh đó cũng không thể che dấu tính cách nhí nhảnh vui tươi bên trong, lại còn rất biết cách trêu chọc người khác, cái đoạn trêu chọc cô nhóc yêu tinh kia dễ thương thật đấy.

    Câu chuyện bắt đầu hơi bị ly kì nha, chiếc nhẫn bị nguyền rủa lại là tượng trưng cho một lời hứa chưa được nói ^^, kkk, chap sau là gặp lại chàng ta đúng ko nàng. Gặp lại cái người mà ban đầu Valar đã nghĩ “Who cared about a human boy…?” Who? ai chứ =)).

    Và P.s: đọc rất hại não vì nhiều từ mới tớ ko biết, tốn nhiều thời gian nhưng mà lại rất hứng thú ^^.

    • Nói chung Valar nó vốn rất dễ thương, mỗi tội hơi kiêu ngạo vì xuất thân hiển hách mà :)) Tuy nhiên sống lâu, trải qua nhiều chuyện nên nó bắt đầu mệt mỏi, chỉ muốn chui vô xó tự kỷ thôi. Ngoài ra nó luôn bị ám ảnh bởi cảm giác rằng nó sắp chết.

      Chap sau nàng sẽ bất ngờ =))))))

      • Cái câu cuối thiệt làm mình hóng Vincen của nàng lớn thế nào quá đi :)))).

        Một thắc mắc nữa, trog này chỉ về Vincen và Valar thôi hả nàng, có dính gì tới Angelica của nàng ko? Hay Angle sẽ có câu chuyện khác🙂.

      • Dự định của mình là dính một loạt luôn vì mình định viết dạng sử thi chứ không viết dạng ngôn tình. Mình mơ hơi cao nhưng cố gắng để lên cấp.

        Vince của mình lớn lên như nào ta… để từ từ mình kể cho nàng nghe ;;)

        P.s: Nàng có thấy Valar nó mặc đầm ngủ trong suốt ra tiếp con bé elf đó không? =)))))))))

      • Thì đấy lại còn tự tin thấy ớn “I belive I am more beautiful than the floor nữa chứ :))) mình cười như dở vì ẻm bị doạ
        đứng hình còn Valar thì “wake up or I will kiss you :))). Thêm lúc nữa chắc ẻm ko chịu đc quá :))

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