Happy New Year!

Wow… it’s almost New Year, many projects are waiting for me to finish,  to accomplish them. 2013 was gone for good, I’m here in the first month of 2014 with new ambitions, new friends and ready to explore more experiences. Life is all about adventures so my motto is always “Keep moving forward and live my life to the fullest” Life is so short then why so bothering?

There will be many changes in 2014 and I hope I can tell you when the time comes. And well, honestly I am wondering about I’d get a girl for my JS or not >”< I know, I know, he got Mio but sometimes I am confused about it, that my doll in a relationship with my friend’s doll is really better than I bought one for myself. I think it’s more fun because we can tighten our friendship, well, though I can’t take picture whenever I like. Merlin said I should not buy any doll at this moment due to my big plan but sometimes I can’t resist ti that urgency T.T How pathetic I am!

About Valar’s picture below, dod you regconize something different? Hehe…

ball jointed doll, bjd doll, feeple 65 chloe

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