[BJDfiction] Prologue – The meeting

As I started to rewrite the profiles for my babies, a glimpse flashed in my head, urged me to compose a series of short stories about Valar and Vincente‘ like what Blizzard Entertainment had done for Diablo 3’s classes. Those stories are too high levelled for me to follow at this time but deep down inside my heart, I know I would love to reach that plateau in future. Seem I got for myself a new goal to accomplish.

These stories, I am not sure about their released time because they are my own imagination so I surely need a lot of time to think of them. But first, I wanna write about Valar and Vincente‘ then the next will be Angelica with her point of view as a human child in elven society. Everything is just idea for now, but I still post here the prologue. Well, this is my private blog anyway, hahaha.

I hope that my writing skill was improved since my last two one-shots of 100 days of love series.


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We gathered around the campfire in a typical night, relaxed, a bit weary from an active day and ready for a quiet evening with the storyteller. The sky was gradually darkening and Venus gleamed in the Western sky.

There was a storehouse of golden myths and legends from which he drew the material for his tales, but it was he who must transmute that gold into the strands out of which was woven the fabric of enchantment. One of them was the story about the first elf of Gaia, the land where we were living on these days. Believe it or not, Valar Skywalker was forever their hero but no one ever knew about her life after The Great Sin War. Some said she dwelled deep inside her own magical forest, where she eternally drifted into her peaceful dream since all of her energy was used to restored the world’s nature. Others said she was living happily ever after with her once mortal king, her true soulmate.

The storyteller was drowning himself and everyone in his fascinated tales about Valar and her lover, regardless to two mysterious figures was approaching them silently. The dancing fragile light from the campfire could not reveal their face behind thick hood over the head but by some unknown reasons, the storyteller noticed them and held his breath when they sat down in the dark near the camp.

“Please continue” – The larger figure said. Even with the dim light, the storyteller still could see that person’s thin lips curved a faint smile when he spoke. The hood covered most of his face just couldn’t hide the attractive aura from this mysterious person. This voice was deep, calm and full of amusement as if he was hearing something funny.

“Yes, yes, please continue” – Others’ patience was running out while their storyteller locked his gaze with two new people. The smaller one gleaned her head on the larger’s shoulder in a very comfortable way, waiting for an interesting tale was ready to be told. From that view, people could assume they were a wandering couple, maybe they were adventurers from the West. These peaceful days were ideal for setting a trip after marriage, they thought.

“Please” – The mysterious man lifted up his left hand to urge the storyteller to come back with his appealing legends. There was a weird ring on his ring finger that in a glance, caught everyone’s eyes; but right before they could have a clear view, the man retreated his hand into the cloak.

“Ahem…” – The storyteller got back the attention in order to keep going with his tale.

“Okay, let’s see.” – He started – “Even though there were still more knowledge has been gathered from scattered fragments, such as tomes in Forbidden library and Hell Marsh; I still have strong faith that Valar was real, as well as her lover, King Vasilis. This speculation was further supported by a story I heard from my master, who claimed that he met them accidentally when he was still young and wild in a mystic underground library in The Great Canyon.”

With his charming voice, he re-created the magical encounter of his master in the air, up above the starry sky…


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  1. Nàng viết tới đây xong nàng dừng làm mình tò mò quá đi. Mà cái đôi vợ chồng trẻ tựa vào vai nhau nghe kể chuyện ấy, mình có được phép cho sự tưởng tượng đi hoang rằng đấy chính là Vincen và Valar không nàng😀, tại vụ cái nhẫn lạ nằm ở ngón tay áp út ấy ^^. Nàng viết thêm đi, mình cũng muốn nghe kể chuyện cổ tích và được tưởng tượng dựa trên Valar cũng như Vincen của nàng😀.

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