It’s a lovely day for JS

Due to my obsession with Jang Hyung Seung aka Jay Stomp (JS in short) lately, I unintentionally turned my playful Sunny into gentle little JS and honestly saying, it was a right choice. I do not know why but since then, I could take some good shots with different poses, things I didn’t have in the past. Maybe, by any chance, the new Sunny – JS is a suitable style for me. Hahaha, did I tell you, i’m not a cute but a nice guy?

Himiko and I had a lovely day in city zoo with a lot of beautiful shots for mainly Ciel and some for my JS. At first, I hesitated a bit because my JS was still in his sister’s pretty shoes… He is a guy and there was no way he wanted to be seen in that girly stuff but Mama knew it all, hahahaha. He had to obey his evil Mama, I mean it’s me, hahaha. But maybe we created a new strong bond so his yesterday photos are beautiful. I am absolutely in love with him right now.

I will update Ciel’s pictures soon. As the main model, he got many good shots to be edited and I’m a lazy ass, hahaha.

sunny, js, jang hyung seung, ball jointed doll, bjd doll

sunny, js, jang hyung seung, ball jointed doll, bjd doll

sunny, js, jang hyung seung, ball jointed doll, bjd doll

sunny, js, jang hyung seung, ball jointed doll, bjd doll

sunny, js, jang hyung seung, ball jointed doll, bjd doll

sunny, js, jang hyung seung, ball jointed doll, bjd doll

sunny, js, jang hyung seung, ball jointed doll, bjd doll

You can check out our first JS’s shots with his girlfriend HERE or Sunny’s older pictures HERE.


10 thoughts on “It’s a lovely day for JS

  1. He is so adorable!!! I love this version of Sunny (JS ) than her before a lot =)) Maybe I dont like cute things of baby girl ~ Hm, u’re a evil mama but u did a right thing! Waiting for more shoot from u ^__ ^

    P.S: I miss your Valar and Vincent, please take some photos of them T___T

    • You think so too? :)))))) I’m thinking about buying more clothes for JS since we’ll have a meeting this Lunar New Year. I don’t want my JS looks like a mess :)))))

      I have a lot of ideas for my sexy couple but it is very hard for me to handle them and stuffs alone; beside they’re very heavy and inconvenient to bring outside :((( Anyway, they got many romantic yet sexy pictures but I can’t upload since they were purchased for a private project :((( Believe me, I really wanna upload them on this blog :((

      • Wow, a meeting this Lunar New Year ~ I’m so jealous with you guys, I still dont have a doll now T^T

        Your JS need more clothes to look like real JS more, ha ha, I want him so sexy like real JS but you know, he is a small doll so it cant be true :)))

        About your sexy couple, I saw some private posts of your blog and although that pic is so so so small, I still can feel how hot it is >”< OMG I like sexy so much ( he he sound like I'm so sick ). Dont u upload them in other places besides wordpress? I really really want to see them T___T

      • Hahaha.. I thought about clothes like real JS but the tailor I’m now working with is very busy. So, everything must be delayed after Lunar New Year. I got ideas that suitable for my little boy :)))))

        That private post is just for fun :)))) My hidden pictures are cute, sexy and romantic at the same time because I carefully created concept and everything for the best result. However, due to the contract, I can’t upload them anywhere. I am very very so so sad but can’t help :((

        Hope you can join our meeting soon in near future but think hard about a big size couple as I warned you. There are a lot of troubles to carry them around with you.

      • I’lll waiting for JS’s new clothes ^^ U have many great ideas for your dolls, the photos you took always gorgeous and make me cant take my eyes off it. He he, so lucky you are JS’s fangirl =)) I think Korean idols now dont have many fangirls who can make their doll become a little version of them like this ~ I still want my doll in future is a another version of Emma Watson or HuynA =))

        I know big size couple is inconvenient but I have many ideas to do with them, medium or small size cant make me glut, I know it’s hard but I will try to handle it ^__^ I wanna meet u and DollVN in real life soon in near future too, although I’m still saving money now, hic …

      • Why lucky because i’m JS’s fangirl? I didn’t know if people nowadays liked to create a little version of their beloved idol; maybe because they just fell for beautiful looking instead of the idol’s inner. But why lucky with JS?

        Emma Watson is easier to create than HyunA since not many dolls have Asian features. Come to think about an adult version of JS, I don’t have any hint indeed :)))

        That’s the spirit, keep it :)))) But anyway, DollVN was dismissed long time ago and we are now just good dolly friends :)))) So, when will you be able to get your first BJD?

      • Oh, I mean so lucky for me that you are fangirl of JS, not any other idols =)) you know, there are not many people like JS around me and love him crazily like u. Thanks to you, I can see a little JS with so many cute picture and it just make me happy ^___^ Btw, JS is so lucky too because he has a crazy fan like u, u are a fan who have a special way to express your love for him ( via your doll ^^ ), u dont think so?

        I think in next year ( or maybe next next year ) I will get my first BJD. Money is not the only problem I have, it’s so complicated, but I will try to resolve all 🙂

      • Hahaha, i’m not the only one who loves him dearly this way. Well, unlucky for me, he will never know there is a old lady loves him in a non-romantic way this much, hahahahahaha. Anyway, I don’t have such a idea like meet him in person, just wanna support him… but, honestly, I haven’t bought any product from Cube, because I don’t enjoy the rest =)))))))))

        Just keep that spirit and the odd will be yours, hahahaha.

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