2013 – A look back

Well, 2013 has coming to an end, time flew so fast, right? I got a mixed feeling 2013, full of sadness and happiness with my job, family, BJDs, friends and other things. I don’t know I’d call it a successful year but anyway, this is still a good year ’cause at least I achieved some important goals which will decide my future.

ball jointed doll, bjd doll, feeple 65 chloe

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Officially became Face-up artist

I said it before that I wanna be a face-up artist, maybe around 1 year ago, and now I got it. I was so scared to start this job because I wasn’t confident enough, hahaha. However, due to my bad situation back in 4 months ago, I told myself, I gotta do this and Ta-Daaaaaa… I did it. Lucky me, I got some wonderful clients, who love my works and very pleased with face-ups I gave their dolls. The job I always dreamt of is now in my hand!

Improving my photography skill

I didn’t realised it until a friend told me so, hahaha. She said “Wow, your technique is so much better than the last time I saw your photos.” She spitted it out honestly and I felt so warm. Yes, I improved so much in my photography and I also got a deal with a foreigner. He said he was in love with my works, tee-hee. Moreover, I think my retouched skill has been improved a lot too.

Decided to do a plan that I haven’t ever thought about it

Yes, I’m on my way to reach to goal. I can’t leak it out here because I don’t dare to count the chickens before they hatch. This plan is creatively insane and very hard to accomplish. I hope everything will be fine and I can say it out loud I DID IT next year! Please send me good luck ^^


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