Stealing or just sharing?

Sharing pictures with no credit may not sound serious to many people who are living in my place, but to me specifically and to people who are not living here generally, this is a big problem. This action is not stealing because those youngsters don’t claim the copyright, but it still cause dismal mood for rightful owners. In my opinion, they think this is a normal thing to do, simply due to their lacking of proper education about this copyright issue.

(Photo: bjp-online)

(Photo: bjp-online)

Not only material properties are need to be protected by law but immaterial things like digital pictures, music tracks, ideas.. also desperately are needed to be safe from stealers. Similar to products which we can touch, these properties are created by someone and that person holds the copyright to use. Indeed, in many countries, no matter when or how or where you want to use other people’s ideas for commercial uses, we must pay for it. It is interesting to note here, this rule was conducted my government to keep the righteousness of their society, and more than that, to encourage new discoveries.

However, in Vietnam and in many undeveloped countries, youngsters have not educated about this important issue. Many fan pages were opened on Facebook to share pictures with no credit. I can testify by my own cases. As a amateur photographer but achieved to have many beautiful shots for my dolls, my pictures were shared freely on many fan page, surely with blank credit. But when I asked the admin to put my private blog’s link in the description, she surprisely said  that link was existed on my picture, which was put there by me, in humble trying to protect my own works. With a country where everybody can use pirate softwares, download music tracks freely from decade to decade like this, no wonder these youngsters do not recognise their behaviours are illegal.

In closing, I do not consider these behaviours are stealing, but they are needed to be stopped. I also believe young peole truly need to appoarch higher awareness, to define what is right and what is wrong. Education also has a lead role to guide them, to teach them how to treasure others’ products, no matter what form they are.


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