Day 2 in 100 days of love

Valar was looking at me with her lovely eyes, the ones that most of master’s friends was afraid of, they said her red yet sparkling orbs were scary, I always found them cute. Those spheres were covered by sorrow as she told me her recent concern:

“Vince, will master leave us here?” – She asked

I gave her a gentle smile while pressing my thumb over her soft cheek and said: “Sure, no!”

“But you know we’re really heavy! It’s hard for her to carry us around! We’ll become her burden” – She continued her words, still full of worrisomes.

I pulled her in my embrace, put my chin on her head so that her head could rest on my shoulder. I always loved her being like this, so sweet, so fragile. Valar’s nervousness was not nonsense as it was true, we’re fucking heavy while Bunny still had many stuffs to package. And more than that, I knew, Valar was thinking about Bunny would neglect us because of many schedules. We heard about Benoir, that her master almost had forgot her existance until Bunny asked. Valar was Bunny’s most favourite baby in the house, the only doll that Bunny cuddled in her hands whenever she needed to temper herself from stress. No wonder Valar felt this much uneasy.

However, as similar sun sign we shared, I knew Bunny wouldn’t put us away like her friend. They all liked doll but in a whole different level. I could said it because I witnessed and received many love from her. Due to the way she cared for us, no one could deny her true feeling.

“Vince…?” – Valar’s voice brought me back to reality from deep thought.

“Yes?” – I asked, looking straight to her beautiful eyes.

“You’re really a 4D guy.” – She giggled

“4D?” – I was sure my face was completely dull at that moment.

“Yes, I learnt this new word from Bunny recently. You know, she likes Jang Hyung Seung, the 4D Prince from BEAST.” – Valar tucked her tounge out at the end of her sentence.

“Oh… Because he and I sometimes spaced out so you consider I am also a 4D Prince?” – I asked while peaked her nose with mine. Valar caught my action right away to crashed her seductive lips on my thin ones. We had contrasting ways in kissing. Valar usually attacked me with her hard, fast and “funny” habit while I loved to tease her slowly by sucking both of her lips before invade her good smell tounge.

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I still remembered our first kiss clearly in that warm morning. I pressed my lips on hers while all of my nerves were on string. She was awake since I could her unstable breathing but she didn’t respond at all. No “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?”. No pushing. No hard slap. I gathered all of my courage to thread the tip of my tounge between her pinky lips then bravely deepened my kiss when I sensed she was willing with my behavior. After 10 seconds, I withdrew and opened my eyes. She was looking at me and blushing like hell.

“I love you” – I whispered, enough for only her to hear.

Valar kept silence then this time, she was the one kissed me first. My bell rang loudly and happily in my head… “She loves you”

“Vince… WHAT?!?! You disgress even while kissing!!!!” – Valar snaped at me.

“Hahahahaha… I suddenly think of our first kiss” – I laughed so hard with her cuteness. Then once again, pull her inside my arms, softly asked her: “Feel better now?”

Valar nodded: “Yeah… I believe in her!”


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