Day 1 in 100 days of love

From the beginning, I intended to compose this series of one-shot when I could start my new life but…

I always wanna write something that is fluffy about them, my beloved Vincente and Valar, but because of my laziness, these fictions are postponed many times.

I got this ideas in bathroom yesterday. Hahaha, do not know why but seems most of my inspirations come from bathroom. 100 days of love, I will finish them one day.

Day 1 in 100 days of love

Valar was always master’s beloved doll since she is the one that had many wigs and costumes more than both Angie and Sunny in summary. God knew I was proud of it.

I had a pair of Enchanted Doll’s unique eye. With only that, my master once said, even without clothes, I was still high-classed. So, really no wonder, I never doubted that my position would be removed in Bunny’s heart. Oh, I forgot to inform, my master is Bunny; that is her name.

Everything happened in a rainny day of Oct, 2012. Bunny was in dramatic mood in the morning when she got a call from someone. Due to her reaction, I knew that was not good news.

Bunny had left the house in the afternoon and come back after two or three hours with a huge box, which later I knew, he was in there.

Bunny called him Vincente’ Vasilis, mean Victorious King. I did not know where this weird name came from, but it is good. Under my surprise, Bunny did not photograph her unbox process and almost immediately introduced him to me as my boyfriend!!!

“WHAT? HELL NO!!!” – I tried to shout out. I am a noble elf, she knew it!

I shot him with my scariest looking with very hope that he would know the result, I wanted to say I did not like him, please know your position. However, Bunny did not care about my feeling, my pains as she tossed both of us in MY little carried bag. Just like she said: “For building relationship!”

That was a night that I would never forget in my whole life! That guy, with his gentle smile and soft eyes, stayed quite while looking at me all night. God, no, Bunny, I could not sleep. How could I sleep when I could sense his gaze was fixed on me?

And again, Bunny told me she knew I was not comfortable but he is a good guy, like “Look, he’s handsome, right?” – She asked.

Yes, he is definitely handsome but his feminine face is not my type!!! Bunny picked him all because of her sick favourite ideal man!!! I knew, my hard days had just begun!!!

Many days later, Bunny did not give up! She tried to photograph us with many sensual poses, no other hope than made us closer. But wait, that Vincente guy, he likes me… from the beginning!!!

To end this nightmare, I said NO to him several times despite of his sad looking. I did not want to care… or why I had to care. But I did care!!!

Vince, as Bunny called him in short, always kept silence no matter when or where we were. I was very curious about his so odd behaviors. Was he fallen for me? He supposed to be more active like telling me humors or interesting stories of his life before his arrive, right? The only things he did were taking care of my hair in the morning, cleansed away dusts on my hands or feet or sometimes gave me weak smiles every time I was caught watching him secretly.

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I did not like him, I was just curious!  

One day, I was scared the heck out me when I did not refuse his kiss while pretending I was still roaming in my beautiful dreams.

I must be crazy!


4 thoughts on “Day 1 in 100 days of love

  1. c bunny cho e hỏi, e coi ở mấy web bán bjd đều rất mắc, ít nhất phải 300$ cho 1 em vừa vừa, mà hnay e tình cờ biết đc web the junky spot, có vẻ nổi tiếng, búp bê bên đó giá rẻ hơn hẳn mấy web kia. ss có thể cho e biết sự khác biệt giữa web này và những web bán bjd khác ko ạ ? và e có thể mua búp bê ở bjd này từ việt nam ko? e cám ơn 😀

    • Junky Spot là một web uy tín chuyên bán một số loại BJD có giá mềm. Website này hiện đang toạ lạc bên Mỹ. Thực tế, giá BJD không liên quan đến nhà phân phối, BJD trên JS rẻ vì nó vốn là BJD đến từ những hãng nhỏ, rẻ hoặc doll có kích thước nhỏ.

      Khi mua BJD, em cần phải quan tâm đến xuất sứ, kích thước, chất lượng của BJD đó thay vì chỉ quan tâm đến giá. Với BJD, giá cả luôn đi kèm với chất lượng.

      Em có thể mua BJD ở JS từ VN, tuy nhiên giá ship khá cao. Hơn 50$!

  2. chị viết thành tiếng Việt được không @.@ Em muốn đọc mấy bài này cơ mà em không hiểu gì cả @.@ google dịch thì nó cũng hơi khó hiểu @.@ Thanks chị nhiều!

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