Bride to be ❧

bup be bjd, búp bê bjd, valar skywalker, fairyland feeple 65 chloe, ball jointed doll, bjd, bjd doll, búp bê khớp cầu, bup be khop cau


My girl is gonna officially become his bride soon. They got married but I haven’t shoot any wedding pictures for them yet. The plan is about the end of this month because I wanna shoot in a forest-like background.

As many of you already knew I love fantasy theme; that’s why I gotta go to my friend’s place for the best background  as I dreamt of.

Anyway, Valar will be a Mommy soon and eventhough her body won’t change, I still wanna keep a picture when she is still in her early pregancy. It’s kinda crazy thought but she’s like a real daughter that I treasure every moment.


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