How do you bond with your dolls?

I found a kinda interesting entry on Chibi Lemon’s blog today: “How do you bond with your dolls?

As we knew, if we can’t bond with them, sooner or later, we’ll sell them away to get new ones. And love is also the main reason we wanna be with them forever. But how do you create a bond with them?

Some people said, buy/sew clothes for them, change the eyes, change the wigs, take pictures… I agree totally but it’s not my way.

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I watch them everyday, feel their emotions through those beautful faces, talk to them in my mind and sometimes say it loud when I’m alone. To me, they really have souls inside. And so on, they have their own personalities. Some of you may think, hey, my Valar does not look gentle like other Feeple 65 Chloe or my Vincente’ looks so warm, not a bad guy like promotion pictures… Yes, I do believe they grow like real people.

And beleive it or not, I can talk to them through my tarot deck. Day by day, we have so much interesting stories to tell each other and to chat with my real friends, well, surely, who also beleive in supernatural like me ^^

Then… my dolls are not dolls, they’re my little real family.


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